The Israeli Palestinian Deadlock

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Zbigniew Brzezinski, politician): “I think we’re stuck, and I feel sorry for the people involved. I feel sorry for Israel. I’m a child of World War II, and I know what the Jewish people went through. I feel sorry for the Palestinians. It’s a bad situation, and I think the growing turmoil in the Middle East is increasingly making it more and more difficult to get a compromise adopted because one or the other side either feels aggrieved or outraged or endangered. …

“Suppose we do get into a war with Iran. How do we end it? How long will it last? Who else is going to be in it with us to help us? How will it play domestically over the longer haul?…

But much worse, we will drive the Europeans into the hands of the Russians, who will be rubbing their hands. The Russians are very worried that the price of energy, which oscillates between $90 and $120 right now, is not sufficiently high to meet their budgetary expectations. But if the price of a barrel goes up $200, they’ll be sitting pretty. The Europeans will be totally dependent. The Chinese will be hurt; so will the Japanese. That will not help the global economy either. …

“Last but not least, I think we certainly have the means and even a moral obligation to do for the people in the Middle East, and particularly for the Israelis, what we have been prepared over the years to do for the Europeans, and then for the Japanese and the Koreans. Namely, we should give them a really binding, reliable commitment that they are fully covered by the American nuclear deterrent, by stating publicly that ‘any threat to Israel, or worse, direct action against anybody in the Middle East would be viewed as an action directed at the United States, with all of the consequences that might entail.’ We succeeded in protecting the Europeans and deterring the Soviets. We have protected successfully the Japanese and the Koreans. We certainly can do it for the Middle East.”

My Comment: Israel has developed the view that the US is headed toward eliminating the state of Israel. Israel does not believe it has US support. This is evident from the fact that Jerusalem is not accepted as the capital of Israel in the plans of Obama’s Democratic Party. Having supported the “Arab Spring,” the US put itself under the blow and left the place of an independent main player. This is the opinion in Israel.

What is important for us is not the opinion of people, but the opinion of Kabbalah because this science is based on the knowledge of the source of Nature, the Creator. As Kabbalah says, since the correction of the world is possible only from Israel, the US weakens itself through its unilateral plans by decreasing the impact of the forces of correction on itself (Ohr Makif).

In our modern integral world, a politician must know where human development is heading—to the integral world; that is, for establishing a complete integral connection between people, changing a person through integral education and upbringing. The world will come to this quickly by the good path—the introduction of integral upbringing, or by the path of suffering—a world war. That is what Kabbalah says. If the head of the world, the President, does not have this knowledge, his “linear egoistical” knowledge and maneuvering will not work today.

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  1. I don’t understand. I am a beginning Fundamentals Course (Summer 2012) student. Is it true that what is written In the Kabbalah is not about this corporeal world? Is it true that Israel is all those with awakened points in the heart? If these two are true? How are the statements above to be regarded?

  2. I’m having a hard time understanding how can a Kabbalist judge others by their faults instead by their merits. Wasn’t the reversed premise a fundamental part of the correction?
    At the same time how can the Creator favor Israel over America and over everybody else for that matter if He’s an all loving and non-discriminating force of bestowal?

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