Tune Into The Wave Of Infinity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Since Kabbalah speaks of the spiritual world, does this mean that it does not recognize the reality of our corporeal body?

Answer: Your current feelings are true. If you do not believe it, pinch yourself and you will feel immediately that you are living in a body. However, by specific actions that help you correct your perception, you can feel yourself exist in a completely different state.

Your image of the world is very relative and depends on your sensations. You even perceive the existence of your body through sensations, through the sense of touch. It embraces the inner organs and everything you touch.

Overall, we can imagine that we are certain sensory mechanisms tuned to a certain pitch, so let us expand this scale. Let us spread the limits and the depth of how much our senses can be penetrated.

If you do this, your world will change, and you also will perceive your body in a different way. Everything depends on sensations, and Kabbalah teaches you to shift your senses to the unlimited mode of perception, referred to as the world of Infinity.

Today, you are limited by the perception of a limited reality. You perceive this world, yourself in it, and the seven billion other people, animals, plants, and so on. These are your limits.

Moreover, you are limited by the fact that you fail to see causes, consequences, and active forces, just like a child who sees pieces of a puzzle and fails to notice the logic in and interconnection between them. Bank robbers spray a special gas in the air in order to see the security laser rays. We also wish to see the strings that stretch to the spiritual world.

Once you uderstand these interconnections, you will be able to fix your life, at least in this world, at first, but this is not yet it. Your body is “sketched” in your senses. Change them, tune them to a new wave, and possibly the body will change, will take another, eternal form.

Everything depends on what your senses are tuned to. You can raise them to the level of their spiritual equivalents, which are called Keter, Hochma, Bina, Zeir Anpin, and Malchut. Then, instead of working to receive, to absorb, they will work to bestow, to give, and they will become eternal.

Thus, perception of reality is a very important thing. There is a reason that we first want a child to become acquainted with the world in which he lives. Before experimenting, let him first find out what is harmful and what is beneficial, to what he should strive and from what he should stay away. We first put him in the right position before the environment.

This makes it clear to me how I should act. It is best for me to reveal the true reality, to position myself correctly in relation to the forces that operate in it. Today, I am like an infant flailing my arms and legs without being able to see or hear anything, and this is why I need to acquire additional senses.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/31/12, “Body and Soul

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