The Theme Of Our Time

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Wu Jianmin, President of the China Foreign Affairs University): “The world is deeply interdependent, especially in economic terms — a remarkable achievement.

“The common challenges the world faces have never been as severe as they are today. They include climate change, terrorism, environmental degradation, drug trafficking and pandemics. No country, no matter how powerful, is able to cope with these challenges alone. The human race is bound to unite in order to meet these challenges for their survival.

“The notion that war is the last resort for settling international disputes has become obsolete.

“War and revolution was the theme of the past epoch. But the theme of today’s epoch is peace and development. It is irresistible.”

My Comment: This is the freedom of will: In which way do we advance towards similarity with Nature, towards a unified humanity: unwillingly, through wars, or consciously, by means of integral education? After the war we will nevertheless have to choose the method of coming together, which instills in people the desire for unity, as necessary and essential according to the laws of Nature.

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