Infinitely Inward

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is required of me at the Convention? Should I be writhing in agony regarding my own birth or that of my friend’s?

Answer: Neither. Let everyone care only about tuning into the environment. This way one nullifies himself and becomes inspired with a friend’s desire. When every person does this, we automatically enter a deeper layer of our relationship.

Imagine a “pie” with many layers. On top I see the Convention participants, beneath them I see the friends, and even lower I see united sparks. With my eyes, I want to penetrate as deep as possible into the net that connects us, stretching across all the layers into Infinity. And this only depends on me.

One can jump impatiently or stand quietly, but regardless of what I do externally, the main thing is to concentrate as much as possible on the desire to reveal our inner connection which surely exists between all the creatures. Once I reveal it, I reveal everything in it.

For that I reject myself, striving to submerge even deeper in order to become a part of the common net, blending into it. This intention, this inner concentration is enough for me to begin to feel reality, the authenticity of the collective unity, more clearly.

In our world, we observe the consequences of a global interconnection, similar thoughts, and phenomena that appear in different people and different places. But all of this is the consequence; it is the “tip of the iceberg.” And yet there, deep down, is an unbreakable iron connection that binds us.

This connection is what we must reveal. The aspiration is enough. The rest will be revealed in it: the desires and the revelations that will lead us inward.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/1/10, “And the Children Racketed Within Her”

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