A Very Simple Intention

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can the environment bring me to something other than my own egoism, when it itself is also comprised of egoists?

Answer: But you yourself choose the environment. The Creator has put a single desire and a common aspiration into a group of people, and He has gathered them here. They neither looked for nor needed one another, but He brought them together. They do not know where life will take them, but they differ from any other environment through their sparks and spiritual aspirations, which the time has come to correct.

I unite with my friends in order to establish a connection with their sparks, and this is the essence, this is my environment. One is pleasant looking, another is not so much, the third is quick-tempered, and the fourth a scholar, but I do not pay attention to the exterior forms because all of them pertain to the beastly properties of our world.

Instead, I look at the sparks that have ignited in my friends and are connected among them. These sparks are the consequence of the screen that connects us, and as I permeate further, I arrive at the place where it mends us together the same way.

Everything depends on the depth of immersion in our common “pie.” Its upper layer is the exterior, superficial view. And then I begin to look further inside. After all, an inner unity is now being manifested among my friends. I was brought to them so I would arrive at the essence, starting with the exterior impressions.

I can find this connection in any part of the world, and conceptually, I should not need to travel anywhere. All people are interconnected, but not all are already experiencing this desire to reveal their unity.

And so I have been pushed into this layer of humanity, which now needs to be corrected. That is, this layer has to reveal the common interconnection, and the Upper Light or the Creator within it. Now I try to discern this system as fast as possible, I am ready to be in it.

The mutual guarantee is the law of this common system, and the correction becomes revealed even more deeply. Nothing else exists; we are simply submerging ourselves deeper into this “pie,” the essence of the exterior images, the root of everything that happens.

I am always directed inward in order to find and strengthen the connection between us. During the Convention we concentrate on this simple intention.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/1/10, “And the Children Racketed Within Her”

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