Under The Power Of The Environment

423.03Question: You say that we should not consume more than our body requires. Until a certain point, humanity followed this path. What happened next?

Answer: Then man began to develop incorrectly due to incorrect social development. The fact is that if a person existed on his own, regardless of society, then he would only do things in order to maintain his body, provide himself with the necessary nutrition, and ensure his procreation.

That is, all our bodily needs are reduced to food, sex, and family. We have natural internal needs for them, and within this framework they have to be realized.

But man is also under the control of the environment. In animals, the relationship between them and the environment is clearly regulated by their instincts. And we, people, develop huge social desires for wealth, power, fame, and knowledge that go beyond our instincts.

These four kinds of desires can only be satisfied at the expense of society. Self-provision is not called wealth. Wealth is measured in relation to others, as are power and fame. And knowledge is in relation to all of nature.

In other words, when my egoistic desires go beyond what is necessary for my body and exceed the normal fulfillment required to exist for a certain number of years, I begin to subjugate the surrounding nature and society. It is then that egoism manifests itself, which ultimately destroys us.

Question: On what basis does a Kabbalist claim that the essence of man is the desire to enjoy?

Answer: This question should not be addressed to a Kabbalist. Everyone knows this: biologists, zoologists, physiologists, and psychologists. Man only desires pleasure. We see the world only from the perspective of where can you receive the maximum pleasure or what should you run away from, so that it does not hurt.

Only toward pleasures and only far away from suffering, this is how we are directed, this is how we act, willing or not.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Marriage Contract” 8/19/09

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