The Commandment: “You Shall Not Steal”

550When I walk on the spiritual path, I contact the Creator through my corrected properties. I am already ascending and I can take action in the upper world, I feel the Creator, and opposite desires appear in me because the impure side is always ready, so to speak, to help you, to drag you somewhere away. And now you have to be careful “not to steal.”

From the spiritual point of view, “You shall not steal” means do not steal from the direction toward love and bestowal, toward holiness, to the side of your egoism: “Hold on! Stay on guard!”

Do not steal from your spiritual self to your impure self. On the contrary, drag everything from your faulty, impure properties to pure, upper, light ones. The opposite is called theft.

Question: And in our life?

Answer: Corporeal life is nothing! Kabbalah even does not speak about it because the level at which we exist today is not considered real at all.

Question: Professional thieves surely justify their actions?

Answer: All of them can be justified because in this world we have no freewill. Therefore, in this life there is no reward, no punishment, no hell, and no paradise. I can either calm or disappoint everyone depending on who expects what.

If you end your life at the level at which you live, then you have neither paradise nor hell, you simply die like any other animal.

And if you have developed your soul from what we call the point in the heart to the first smallest ten Sefirot, this remains forever and continues to develop from one cycle to another.

That is, you are reborn in this world, reach a certain age, again come to Kabbalah, and again begin to develop your soul until you reach the full height of the level of the world of infinity. You may need several lives. But only this remains from life to life.

Therefore, after all our past lives before this present one when we only felt the first attraction to Kabbalah and began to realize it, only this one remains. Only from this one will we have impressions that are bigger than just informational data.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #11

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