“You Shall Not Steal”

laitman_546_01Torah, “Deuteronomy,” 05:17: And you shall not steal…

Be vigilant not to wish to receive for yourself those fulfillments and pleasures that are revealed in the quality of bestowal. This is called stealing.

It is forbidden to transfer anything from the “household” of the Creator to our egoistic desires.

It doesn’t matter that all the pleasure immediately evaporates. Nonetheless it is stealing.

On the other hand, if the Torah says that this is forbidden, it means that this is impossible and you won’t be able to use anything for your own sake, e.g., to steal or to commit adultery. In the spiritual world you won’t be permitted to do so, because the law is above you there.

Therefore, the Torah gives us instructions how to accurately adjust ourselves to fulfill spiritual laws.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/16/16

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