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28.02Question: What is a person, according to Kabbalah? What is his essence?

Answer: The nature of our world is divided into inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels. According to our current state, we belong to the animate level, because like any animal, we are engaged in the maintenance of our body, our earthly life.

Except animals serve themselves with the help of instincts within the framework that commands them and pushes them to ensure their existence, and we are commanded not only by personal instincts, but mainly by those that are determined by society, the environment.

In principle, animals also have a family, a camp, leaders. But still, it is based on a clearly natural, instinctive control that comes from within. Their hierarchy and struggle are realized directly and simply, while in humans it is very difficult.

We do not understand by what algorithm we should act in connection with each other and in connection with the surrounding society. We are not aware of how society commands us and determines our development, our values, and how it guides us.

In this, man is simply confused and unhappy compared to animals. They know exactly what they want, they are in clear preservation of their offspring and their environment as far as ecology allows them. But a human is not.

It is constantly aimed at self-destruction. After all, what is given to us by nature is not directed to our earthly development. We should not develop only in the plane of serving our body, pushing unnecessary pleasures, food, sex, wealth, and so on into ourselves. We see that, in fact, it does not bring any happiness or fulfillment, no real profit, but only darkens our lives.

We are misdirecting all our actions. If we could correctly use our social desires—fame, power, wealth, knowledge—to direct us to attain a higher level, to the state of “human,” then we would really reach the level of “Human.”
From KabTV’s “Close-up” 8/19/09

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