How To See The Creator Through This World

laitman_423_02Question: “It is written, ‘there is none else besides Him.’ This means that there is no other force in the world that has the ability to do anything against Him.” This is how the very first article in the book Shamati (I Heard) begins. What is it talking about?

Answer: It seems to us that there are many forces and sources of different actions, thoughts, and desires in our world, and everything that happens is a consequence of thousands of different reasons. But in fact, there is only one reason, one force, one thought, one desire, which affects us all in every possible way.

And we need all these sources, which appear to us from all sides and affect us, to return to the Creator because we see that everything comes from Him. When I begin to relate all the influences to one upper force, I begin to know it through its influence on me, through all these means.

It turns out that it is due to these means, returning everything to the Creator, I study Him and I find out why He influences me in different forms, why these forms evoke all sorts of reactions in me, and how I can connect everything with the upper force.

It turns out that I have three components: one source, thousands of means that affect me, and me. Through all these means, directing them to the Creator, I study Him and reveal the upper force.

So there is the upper force, the whole vast world, and me. The Creator affects this world, and as a result, all kinds of forces—that seem to me to be disconnected from each other and to be pursuing different goals—start acting on me from this world. But I cut myself off from this picture and say: “This is not true! I send all these effects back to the one force they actually come from.”

This action, through which one force is divided into thousands of different paths of influence, gives me the opportunity to connect them and reach the upper desire, the understanding of the upper thought, the program of creation, its direction, and my role.

I understand how the whole world is constructed and why it exists in such a form, how the upper force clothes in reality, and how I can relate this whole world to the Creator. There is nothing besides this, that is, nothing besides the Creator.

Question: Where does the spiritual world begin in all this process?

Answer: In all its diversity, this world turns into the spiritual world for me if I send everything back through it and turn it into my appeal to the Creator. When I am directed only to Him, by using all the means through which the Creator addresses me, I see Him.

And then I see one force that awakens me through the students, family, police, illnesses, government, news, relatives, friends, enemies, and tax audits—through everything that exists in a person’s life.

I find out that in everything I am governed by the upper force, but at the same time, I can react and recognize that the government comes, not from 30 to 40 sources, but from one reason which stands behind everything.

If I constantly work to direct my attitude to the Creator through all these means, I begin to understand how He built them, why He created everything, and why He awakens me in this way, which means that I attain and reveal Him. I reveal the clothing of the upper force in all possible means used by Him to influence me. The Creator clothes in my world.

Question: How can a Kabbalistic book help me achieve such a correct view?

Answer: When reading a book, I imagine that I receive influence from the upper force through it. The book describes the actions of the Creator, that is, I relate everything to Him, which is called: “Israel, Torah, and the Creator are one.” There are three components: the first, Israel is me, the second, the Torah is the whole world through which I want to achieve the Creator, and the third is the Creator. And all these three components are one since everything must be attributed to the same source.
From the Virtual Lesson “The Time Of Kabbalah,” 6/13/17

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