Tune Yourself To The Delicate Frequency Of The Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I will be arriving at the Convention, just like many other people. I want to focus on penetrating inside the internal network of our interconnection. Are there any rules that I should constantly adhere to in my thoughts and internal attitude in order to enter this network?

Answer: The key is to make an effort to feel the internal state that reigns among us all. Make this effort! This depends on the sensitivity of the soul.

It is written in the book Faith and Trust (by Hazon Ish, A. Karelitz): “Faith is a subtle inclination of a delicate soul.” All of these are such ethereal definitions that none of them has a solid corporeal meaning. But in our case, it can be explained.

Everything depends on how much I try, to the best of my ability, without disrupting anything with my own qualities, to enter the common sensation of people who unite together, wishing to feel their internal unity, the state between them. The Creator said: “I dwell among My people.” Inside our unity, I wish to find the Shechina, the Creator is concealed there, since He resides within the good connection between us, meaning in the group that wants to unite.

Even though my friends cannot clearly feel this yet and don’t quite understand why and for what sake they are doing it, they simply follow Kabbalists’ advice, nevertheless through their effort, every person can enter and start feeling the Creator who dwells within “His people.” There, within, resides the state (the spiritual place) called the “Shechina,” which is our yearning for each other. This is the place that the Creator fills, “Kadosh Baruch Hu” (the Holy One, who is Blessed by me, since holiness is the property of Bina, total bestowal that I bless).

Shechina is all the desires that aspire toward each other and reside in the grid of their interconnection, and the Creator is the upper Light fulfilling them. This network desires to bestow, and in their bestowal, the Light of Hassadim, it finds the Light of Hochma, the Upper Light, the Creator.

If a person strives to feel this condition, to experience it, and live in it, he can reveal it regardless of anyone in the world. This is the work that we must try to complete, especially at the conventions, since that is the time to unify with the internal state of the exalted oneness between us.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/24/11, Preparation to the WE! Convention

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