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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I help the friends who leave the group?

Answer: They need help understanding that all of the evil becomes revealed to us on purpose. Yet, we get stuck on the bad feeling and don’t see anything besides it. We need to recognize the source of the evil: Where does it come from and why, and what inside of me is supposed to wake up through it?

However, when the evil is revealed, a person forgets everything. I admit that I feel the same way despite my 30 year experience in Kabbalah. That’s because a new, higher rung is being revealed, which is described by the verse, “There is no righteous man on earth who did good and never sinned.” First you fall into sin, meaning that everything you had achieved is erased inside of you and you are cast into this world as if there isn’t any spiritual world.

It is written about Rabbi Shimon that before he ascended to the end of correction, he fell so low that he felt as a mere Shimon trading at the market, or a person who falls so low, he feels only evil and has to sensation of the Creator or the spiritual world.

Even if you are at the high rungs in the world of Atzilut, when you are in the gap between them you still fall to this world, to the same animate level as all the rest of the people. And this happens so you may start climbing up again. Therefore, a person needs to receive the explanation that all of our feelings are given to us from above for a reason. If evil and hate toward others are revealed inside him, it is that very Mount Sinai (Sinah, hatred) which we has to rise over. Everything becomes revealed for a certain purpose and nothing occurs accidentally.

What is the point of giving us all kinds of feelings for no reason, such as love for someone or hatred? We all undergo only one process, and all the problems and wars that arise in the world are given solely in order for us to find the place of our breaking and to mandate us to have it reformed.
From the lesson on Writings of Rabash on 3/25/11

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