The Most Serious Spoof

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should I do if am eager to be reformed but am not willing to receive this correction from the Creator?

Answer: These are the states we undergo on the path. When we first come to Kabbalah, we don’t understand where we find ourselves, whatsoever. After all, we are led by the inner developmental gene (Reshimo) that moves about like a charged particle in an electromagnetic field and brings us to a place where we can reach some temporary balance.

Thus we move forth in the force field and end up in the group, the source of the Light. We don’t yet understand to where we came; we simply feel that we found something very interesting to us and that we’d like to hear more about it. But a person doesn’t yet realize what is happening with him or her and what this place is where he finds himself.

All of humanity gradually evolves over the course of its entire earthly history, and from generation to generation, our desire gets upgraded. And now we have reached the last, crucial incarnation. After all, we never previously understood what was happening with us. And only today for the first time, we come close to the realization of our soul.

However, a person gets lost and doesn’t comprehend what is going on with him or her. He doesn’t see that he is in the final stage of a very long and unique process that all of humanity undergoes: There are those who walk in the forefront and those whose time hasn’t yet come but will in its turn. Nonetheless, the real work begins when a person understands that he must work on unifying with the friends.

And this is when he discovers numerous obstacles that he can’t justify. He agrees to surrender to this flow and hatred toward all, while going into endless claims and calculations. And this is the most problematic point which many stumble over and give up—until the next time when they will receive this opportunity once more, perhaps in several years or maybe even in the next lifetime.

Nobody can avoid it since the soul must reach correction, and it has nothing to do with a person’s desire. What he can do is realize what constitutes his free will, meaning to perform this correction now or at some distant time.

Hence, the serious work begins as soon as we feel rejection toward the group. And at this point, a person’s success depends on how well he understands that this is just a game that is played from Above and not a reality.

There is nothing real about our life; even this life itself is a mere game. And the most serious game is when a person gets to feel the rejection and hate from that specific friend with whom he is destined to reach oneness and enter spirituality together!

Those friends who gather with him in the group are the parts of his soul, the closest to him. But he is given a chance to feel hatred toward them exactly so that he demands to be united with them by the Creator. And this is the unity where he will, indeed, find the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/25/2011, Writings of Rabash

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