Now It Is Their Time!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I look at the people to whom I disseminate and it seems that they are not prepared to perceive our ideas. What can I do if I have no desire to explain anything to them since it seems hopeless?

Answer: This is the wrong approach. You are not taking two things into account. First, there is a quantitative force in the public, a quantitative force that allows us to make a huge leap and to succeed.

A practical example for that is the computer. An expensive computer is different from a cheap computer not in size but in the capacity if its memory, which means in the number if memory cells it has. There is a hero in quantity who becomes a hero in quality.

When you disseminate to the public, you are not taking the matter of the great quantity that turns into a new quality into account. If there are a billion people and each one can lift only one gram, together they can lift a billion grams.

Besides, we should multiply this by the force of connection that they can consolidate among them by their connection. This multiplies the sum by 620 times. This is how we should see their power and not look at the negligible force of each individual.

We consider each of our friends according to his personal attributes, but when we look at the public we see that since they are all connected to one another, each individual is weighted like everyone together. Therefore, even one of them is greater than you.

The second point is that it is actually the public who are now the vessel for the Light and not you. This is the present need, according to “it is time to act.” So you cannot think lightly of people. They are actually the vessels that need to be corrected and filled. Now it is their time! All the upper Lights, the whole arrangement, is focused on them.

Your job is to faithfully take care of them and simply look at them and do what is good for them. Therefore you have no choice but to appreciate the public and work with them.
From 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/12/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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