A Financial War

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from PostScriptum): “During the last decade, the elite cell in the American Treasury honed tools of economic warfare, with which it is possible to bring to its knees almost any country in the world – without firing a shot.

“The strategy is based on the hegemony in the global banking system, supported by a network of allies. This is a new kind of war, which aims to stop the financial flows of the enemy.

“At the moment, when the bank falls under its action, when it is accused of money laundering or financial terrorism, it becomes caught in a deadly embrace. This is the death penalty, even if the financial institution does not work on the US territory. European banks do not dare to argue with US regulators. They would sever all the transactions with the victim.

“Nauru, Burma, North Cyprus, Latvia and Belarus were forced to obey the American demands. North Korea was paralyzed. But today the world is too interconnected, and sanctions may generate a chain reaction.”

My Comment: Today, the United States dominates the world, and that is why China, the EU, and Russia want so much to raise their currencies to the world level. But the US will not allow this to happen by any means. A great financial war is ahead. This will bring us to the awareness of globality, negative globality, from which we will have to move to positive globality, because we cannot change globality itself. There is no turning back in history and evolution.

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