“Dollar Hegemony In The Empire Of The Damned”

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Colin Todhunter, Global Research): “Many commentators and economists wonder if the US is able to turn its ailing economy around. The reality is that it is bankrupt. However, as long as the dollar remains the world currency, the US can continue to pay its bills by simply printing more money. But once the world no longer accepts the dollar as world reserve currency, the US will no longer be able to continue to pay its way or to fund its wars by relying on what would then be a relatively valueless paper currency.

“And the US realizes this. Today, more than 60 per cent of all foreign currency reserves in the world are in US dollars, and the US will attempt to prevent countries moving off the dollar by any means possible. …

“With each passing year and each new conflict, the US has been drawing closer and closer to direct confrontation with Russia and China, particularly as it enters their backyards in Asia and as China continues to emerge as a serious global power. …

“Over the past few years, China and other emerging powers such as Russia have been making agreements to move away from the US dollar in international trade. …

“Russia and China have been using their own national currencies when trading with each other for more than a year. …

“The US economy appears to be in terminal decline. The only way to prop it up is by lop-sided trade agreements or by waging war to secure additional markets and resources and to ensure the dollar remains the world reserve currency. Humankind is currently facing a number of serious problems. But, arguably, an empire in decline armed to the teeth with both conventional and nuclear weapons and trapped in a cycle of endless war in what must surely be a futile attempt to stave off ruin is the most serious issue of all.”

My Comment: There is only one way for the US and the whole world: Support and compel Israel to disseminate as soon as possible the method of building a new society. No matter how improbable and contemptuous it may seem, this is the salvation of the world from all the current risks and threats. On the contrary, the US is headed to excluding Israel from the list of the countries of the world, and this will bring them to their own ruin because precisely from Israel the dissemination of Kabbalah spreads, the study of a new humanity and the revelation of the Creator to the world. And all the current problems are calls to move the world into a new state.

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