Parents Are To Blame

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Russian Bazaar): “The number of parents who neglect their young children increased significantly with the onset of the economic crisis. Negligence does not mean child abuse, which the US human rights organizations have been fighting against for years.

“For the most part, parents began to love their children less. People are too focused on finding employment, paying utility bills and debts on loans. One out of five parents is depressed; one in ten abuses alcohol or marijuana.

“The rise of parental neglect happens against the background of the Child-Free movement, whose activists consider children a burden and believe that everyone should live only for oneself. Fathers and mothers cannot understand that education is a very complicated and lengthy process.

“Currently, almost all the states in the country are waiting for the laws and amendments that toughen penalties for parental neglect. Would these innovations actually protect children?”

My Comment: To deal with growing egoism is possible only by means of integral education for everyone, from young to old. Our organization has developed the methods of integral upbringing, and we hope to bring its principles to the general public.

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