Jobless In The USA

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from RUNY.web): “Early last year, 75% of American unemployed received unemployment benefits. But the period of assistance, extended by the federal government up to 99 weeks, ended in the fall of this year for many of them.

“Consequently, the number of recipients dropped to 48%. Having exhausted their 99 weeks, two million cannot find a steady income still. By February, 2.2 million more may be left without the benefits. The average unemployed person receives $300 a week.

“A third of those who lost their jobs, and there are 14 million of them, did not have a permanent job for a year or more. As known, the more time a person spends without work, the less likely he finds something similar. This is due to the loss of skills, age, and the increase of applicants for the same place.

“In 2010, unemployment insurance prevented 3.2 million Americans from falling into poverty (annual income below $22,314 for a family of four). Those without benefits can expect to get food stamps. Nearly 46 million people receive food stamps now.”

My Comment: In a short time, there will be tens of millions of unemployed people. Governments must involve them in integral education and upbringing. This will lead to a healthier society and the restructuring of the entire social and economic system.

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