European Politicians Use Tiny Jedi Swords To Fight Crisis

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Dmitry Vydrin, political analyst): “Not all European politicians understand the routes of today’s economic crisis, advisor to the Ukrainian president Dmitry Vydrin told the international conference ‘20 years without the USSR –CIS – Eurasian Union’…

“‘I have recently been to the European Parliament, to Bundestag… I got an impression that a huge number of adult men confront the crisis using toy-like Jedi swords without understanding the reasons, the basics, or the foundation. Maybe, we will help Europe handle it. They have money, we have experience,’ Dmitry Vydrin said.

“He also noted the Ukrainian government sent him and other specialists to France to study some materials in order to draft a constitution using the French model. Back then the Ukrainians got a lot of recommendations from their French counterparts. ‘MPs, senators, and the Mayor of Paris gave us wonderful recommendations, great tips: what to do and how to do. Now, all our questions face grim silence or formal replies,’ Dmitry Vydrin said.

“‘Unfortunately, Europe (I like it very much and wish it well) is making the same mistakes that [brought to the collapse of the USSR] 20 years ago,’ he said.”

My Comment: The collapse of the EU will have much more dramatic consequences and possibly lead to a world war.

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