A Rich Frenchman Is 205 Times Wealthier Than A Poor Frenchman

In the news (from rusoch.fr): “Social inequality in France is growing incessantly, and the difference between the wealthy and the poor has become extreme.

“The French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) reports that 10% of the wealthiest Frenchmen own 550,000 Euro per person, and the 10% of the poorest Frenchmen 2,700 Euro per person, which is 205 times less.

“A high level professional is worth 35 times more than a regular employee.

“Joint ownership of all the French, which apart from bank savings includes real estate, art, and so on, is 10,000 million Euro. ‘The problem is not in wealth accumulated in the country, but in its distribution’…

“Another questions is not less interesting: Why do people … continue to accumulate their wealth? Why don’t they stop, catch a breath, take advantage of this transient life, and think about other – eternal – values?”

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