Material Balance And Spiritual Essence

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: A global, integral system is being revealed in the world today. Is it putting a person in front of a real choice?

Answer: Yes, and only before a material choice. A person has to unite with others through a good interconnection in order to continue his existence.

The integral system is leading us to a balanced material life in this world so we would properly satisfy our animate needs, rising above our own egoism. On the new stage, people will have to consume as much as they need and no more. They will have to abide by a balanced, rational approach. They will have to provide for their vitally necessary needs, agreeing with the fact that from now on, their entire life is life in society, in cooperation, in a balanced society, in social justice, in mutual guarantee. That is the only way we will create the right conditions for our existence on earth. This has to be the common law for the whole world.

Thus, our first worldwide task is to provide everyone with food so not a single person in the world is left hungry. Then we will go on to the following objectives, such as providing everyone with a roof over their heads, with clothing, heating, medicine, and so on. This way, we will create acceptable boundaries for people’s material life.

Why is this so important? It’s because a person has to annul his egoism. He has to take care of the neighbor, of the whole world. He has to take away from himself and give to others. He has to feel the common system in which we are all together. It turns out that this is spiritual for him.

The only thing missing in this picture is the Creator, the upper force, Nature. And that is where we come in: We must give the world the method of material existence, by virtue of which the spiritual force will flow to them as well. Then, in their activity to work together and take care of one another, to distribute resources and products, they will immediately feel something else – a new force, a spiritual essence. That is how it will happen.

On the other hand, without us people are simply unable to start moving in this direction. They simply have no way of finding out about it, unless we spread this message all over the world, like “the Messiah’s horn.” The process has to unfold precisely in this way – from above.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/25/11, “The Freedom”

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