The First Condition For Becoming A Human

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe first condition based upon which I can become a human is to rise above my desire and begin to observe it from an external point. This way I see this desire from the side, I verify, examine, and clarify it by means of a special analysis from the side of the upper one, the Creator. After all, I always have to attain the advantage of the Light from the darkness, meaning on the contrast of my desire relative to another desire.

It’s for the purpose of giving me this other desire for comparison that this artificial structure exists, called the group, the friends. Relative to them I can verify my desire, and at some point in the future I will be able to do this relative to the Creator Himself.

However, at first I need to rise above my own desire and begin to clarify it, observing from the side, from my point in the heart, which is called faith above reason. This is how I receive the objective, unbiased point inside of my desire—at first one point, but gradually I will be able to make a full restriction.

This does not mean that I am restricting my desires, but rather that I feel separated from them, as if they are losing power over me. This is not a suppression of one desire by another, more beneficial one, but the acquisition of an independent point that really is on the side of the Creator, or at least on the side of the group. If I relate myself to the group, I can see myself from the side and control my desire from above.

The more I get separated from my desire and relate to it as a researcher, the more of a human I become. This is because the desire is on an animate level, and the development of the relationship is higher than this desire, which requires the human level. The whole difference between a human and an animal is in the realization, understanding, the feeling and the mind, which allow one to correctly control one’s desire.

Desire is the matter of creation, and control over it makes me similar to the Creator. This is because I take control out of His hands into mine, and I begin to rule over my desire in accordance to the Creator’s program, uniting with Him and fulfilling His desire.

So it turns out that my desire, consisting of the still, vegetative, and animate levels, thanks to my control takes on the human form. All of these levels are only needed for the sole purpose of supporting the human level, giving them form and existence inside of it, rising and descending together with it.

We need to clarify this with the help of the environment for at first we don’t have any contact with the Creator. And since we are talking about serious scientific research, and not about fantasies, we are given the work in a group through which we are working with the Creator and on our desire.

If I separate from my desire and relate myself to the group, then the group becomes the level of Bina for me, from which I connect with Keter and with Malchut, and thus I control the entire structure of the universe. That is why unity with the group and love towards thy friend are the only means for us to work effectively and consciously, a unique possibility to realize oneself and to reach the goal.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/19/2011, Writings of Rabash

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