Who Are You Working For, Pharaoh?

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe start off trying to connect. “We” meaning those people in whom the point in the heart has awakened; they were gathered together from Above. And after we are gathered together, we have to fulfill the task we’ve been entrusted with: to realize our yearning and desire, and exert ourselves in order to connect.

And then we will reveal that we’re unable to succeed in this and that our ego will not let us do this. Our egoism stands between us, separating us and moving us away from each other, and doesn’t let us connect. And even if we succeed in this, it can only be in order to achieve some material goals. But we’re unable to connect into a true spiritual vessel.

This is where Pharaoh is revealed to us. In our normal material life he doesn’t give us any trouble and lets us be well-off. You can get pots full of meat and garlic—anything you want, but only as long as you remain under the reign of the Pharaoh.

But when we try to lift above the material, the corporeal, Pharaoh starts raising his objections. And his resistance shows the person the same strength of connection, which he has to achieve in order to reveal the light. As it is said in the article “The Secret of Conception and Birth,” that due to overcoming the resistance of the previous degree, the desire of the next degree is born.

We reveal the Pharaoh, our ego, more and more, and make more and more effort in order to snap out of it, rise above it and reach a connection between us, that is, to make ourselves similar to the light. Thus we reveal that the Pharaoh hinders us and we try to escape and run away from him, maybe not defeat him, but at least separate from him.

It is clear that I will not subdue him and won’t be able to reign over him. But if I succeed in disconnecting from him even for a short moment, this is called exodus. This is how we flee from the first prison and then reveal the real barrier. The same Pharaoh turns into Mount Sinai.

We fled from Pharaoh, but now we have to show how we really overcome him, as without him, we cannot achieve a truly powerful connection between us. If it weren’t for the ego, we would be completely devoid of any powers, good or evil. Therefore, we need Pharaoh so we can overcome, rise above him, and there connect..

Psychologists say that quarrels, which sometimes arise between family members, allow them to reveal stronger connection and love, they sharpen the feelings. It’s like hot pepper and spice, which are added to food so that it isn’t bland, these differences and clashes give flavor to relationships.

That’s why we need Pharaoh in order to understand what mutual responsibility and connection are. Without his resistance we will not find out what prevents us from connecting. Even the feeling of connection that has already been achieved cannot exist without the opposite force hidden inside it that works against it. Because we are the creatures, and we have to include in us two forces: the connecting one and the rejecting one, the Light and the darkness.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/21/11, Writings of Rabash

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