Mutual Guarantee Is Needed To Demonstrate The Greatness Of Bestowal

938.03Question: If I see the contribution of the friends, their work, does this mean that there is already a mutual guarantee? Is it my job to see it?

Answer: If there is a mutual guarantee (Arvut), then you are implementing it. If you are in mutual guarantee, each one of you nullifies himself with respect to a common goal and you form this common goal, that is, the property of mutual bestowal, mutual connection, and then you will gradually begin to feel the Creator in it.

Mutual guarantee is the Kli (vessel) in which we move forward and will be able to feel the Creator to the extent of our common unity. Therefore, the Creator says: “You build Me.”

Question: What are the practical conditions for building a vessel of mutual guarantee?

Answer: When you try to create conditions that exist in the spiritual vessel (Kli) between desires and intentions in your group, physical or virtual, then you create the Kli, that is, the soul.

You should think more about it and discuss it among yourselves so that this subject becomes closer to you.

Mutual guarantee is necessary precisely for each one of you to demonstrate to the others the greatness of the property of bestowal, how important and necessary it is, and how much one must be afraid of falling into egoism.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/9/22, “Working in Mutual Responsibility” Lesson 6

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