Let Only The Suffering Of Love Remain

294.4Question: When a person loves the Creator, does self-love automatically disappear or does it still remain?

Answer: To the extent that a person loves the Creator, his love for himself gradually decreases and he does not have any thoughts about himself.

Look at the mother who is completely devoted to her baby and thinks only of him. She has no thoughts of sleeping, eating, or doing anything else. She does everything necessary, but only to be above him all the time.

This is how we should treat all people in the world. And then through them we will begin to relate to the Creator in the same way. And if we do not achieve such a relationship between ourselves and with the Creator, then we will be going through tremendous suffering.

Comment: But humanity has been suffering throughout its history.

My Response: What are our sufferings? From the fact that he received a little, stole a little, walked around a little, and the like. This is not suffering.

We are talking about suffering that we are distant from each other and relative to the Creator. They will bring us closer to the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/14/21

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