Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 1/8/22, Part 1

281.02Question: What does it mean “not to eat the bread of shame”?

Answer: The bread of shame is when I receive for my own sake.

Question: If I manage to annul myself, can I give fulfillment to a friend?

Answer: Yes. If you annul before your friends, you can already start fulfilling them.

Question: Is it possible to use the state where I am higher than my friends to pray for them?

Answer: Yes. But we need to check that it does not come from my arrogant attitude toward them.

Question: How does the group help us bring ourselves to the greatness of the Creator?

Answer: It helps in a lot of states. I must take an example from my friends, implement my properties of bestowal on them, etc. This is our job.

Question: Will self-annulment of everyone in the ten eliminate the friction between us that we myust rise above in order to advance on the path?

Answer: It will happen.

Question: Can the ten exhausts its strength as a result of a strong desire for connection?

Answer: Maybe, and then it must ask for strength from the Creator.

Question: I understand and even feel that I must annul myself in front of my friends for spiritual advancement, but it is not so easy to annul. So how do I pray to the Creator?

Answer: Try to annul yourself. If you cannot annul, pray; the Creator will help. That is it. May God help you!

Question: It is unclear how to give an example to others without hiding my flaws?

Answer: The fact that you have flaws and you still want to give a good example—this is a perfect example.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/8/22, “Deriving the Greatness of the Goal from the Friends” Lesson 4

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