The Proper Upbringing Of Boys

961Question: Despite the fact that now schools are trying to separate boys and girls does this remain at the level of our bodies, our animal egoism, and in the end it will not work?

Answer: This will have some kind of effect, but it will not correct a person and will not make him right in society. It will not lead to the correct mutual relations between men or between men and women. They will get some examples. There may be fewer distortions, but there will be no corrections.

In any case, separate education is better. But we must be careful about what is presented within this framework that students will take an example from.

Question: Is it impossible to build something within the framework of our usual life correctly if there is no spiritual determinant?

Answer: It is still good. When a boy receives an example from adult men, this is a completely different world for him than if he looks at women and subconsciously captures their goals, their outlook on life, the world, and their relationships with each other. This involuntarily distorts him, affects him at all levels—genetic, chromosomal, etc. All his behavior becomes effeminate. This is not right.

Look at what’s happening with men today! They do not want to leave their mothers, they stay at home until the age of forty. Or they get married, have children, and quickly run back to their mother. And then they find themselves another mother in the form of a wife.

So until the end of their lives they themselves remain children. This is all because women are engaged in the education of men, young lads, and boys. Therefore whole generations and even the entire civilization today is such that the female image turns out to be dominant, influencing, organizing, and determining. And there is nothing we can do about it.

Unless we now begin to build the structure of our world with the help of Kabbalah, similar to the upper world that is revealed to us, we will see our generation even more distorted.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up, Generation of “Lady Gaga”” 3/10/10

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