From Infinite Complexity To Absolute Simplicity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we measure our spiritual progress?

Answer: Spiritual progress is indicated by the extent to which a person feels that he can attain the spiritual state only through unity. This means that he begins imagining the spiritual world correctly and understanding that spirituality is the quality of bestowal, which we attain only through practical unification in the group until we totally lose ourselves.

This happens by a person’s own desire, which the Light helps him realize. He assesses himself by how many disturbances he receives while doing this and by accepting them the right away, as help from the opposite side.

He perceives all of these disturbances and resistance as constituent parts of the same system of connection. And when every disturbance connects correctly to support this connection, it operates precisely to strengthen it.

Nothing was created in vain. Any force of resistance or contradicting force in the common system has to occupy its place and assist the unity. The forces can be “for” or “against” in all possible forms and directions, but the system is built so everyone unites in this complex, multifaceted construction. Every element in it acts in its own direction, but they all complete one another, and the system exists precisely by virtue of that.

If we take any complex geometric pattern or construction, we will see many lines in it that extend in different directions, as well as unifications of all sorts of forms. And precisely the size, might, and diversity of these connections creates the rich system.

If there are several systems that are opposite to one another and complete one another, they create the right balance, which is Malchut of the world of Infinity. The more flexible the system, the more highly organized it is. And flexibility is attained by virtue of the multitude and diversity of forces. The sharper the polarity of these forces, the greater might they achieve.

The more different connections there are between the elements, the more complex and sensitive the system is, and the more it opens itself up and is able to accept and process the entire upper Light with its infinite diversity of forms.

The entire diversity of our qualities and desires was created by the Light, by its 613 Lights. Therefore, nothing that exists is extraneous. We must only place every quality, thought, and desire that does not match it in the right place, which the Light had initially intended for it.

Then we will reveal an extraordinarily rich, flexible, and highly organized system that includes such a great number of connections that separate connections disappear and everything turns into one, infinitely connected whole.

This mutual connection becomes so tight and multidimensional that it goes from being discrete to analog. All three lines, Sefirot HBD-HGT-NHY existing in the system, merge into one.

These separate, discrete forms of unification turn into one monolithic whole, which does not divide into parts and does not consist of elements, but becomes one, simple, infinite Light.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/14/11, Shamati

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  1. The peace symbol, three lines into one, is precisely this. That is why it is said that when the light reaches all nations the world will know peace.

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