How Can You Reach The Level Of Prophecy?

962.3Question: What is the correct attitude to prophecy?

Answer: Prophecy is the highest level of development for a Kabbalist when he becomes one with the Creator.

Question: For whom did the prophets write if they knew that other people would not understand them?

Answer: It was for people to at least partially understand what they wrote. And in our time a person can partially reach the level of understanding of the texts of the prophets to the extent that he can rise above himself, otherwise we will not understand Kabbalistic texts at all.

Question: Can we say that they wrote for people who are already in some kind of small attainment, and that it is like a map of actions for them?

Answer: This is not a small attainment; to be at the level of a prophet is a very high level.

Question: But can an ordinary person who is not involved in spiritual development at all read some prophecy and take something from there for himself?

Answer: No, it is not done this way. A person should work with himself, with his egoism, rise above it, and use it in the opposite direction, in the direction of bestowal and love. He will achieve in this a certain semblance to the Creator, and in this likeness to Him, he will reach the level of a prophet. Prophecy is one of the levels of similarity to the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/21/21

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