Not Every Kabbalist Is A Prophet, But Every Prophet Is A Kabbalist

294.1Question: Could prophets be wrong, and were there false prophets?

Answer: False prophets are those people who simply knew how to expose themselves to the public and the public believed them. But it is impossible to determine who is a false prophet and who is not.

Question: Why was there such a huge historical period as the prophets? What was it for?

Answer: Prophets are Kabbalists who reached the level of prophecy, which reveals the entire universe, and worked on it.

A Kabbalist who attains the Creator at a certain level is called a prophet. Therefore, not every Kabbalist is a prophet, but every prophet is a Kabbalist.

A prophet is one who speaks to the Creator. What does it mean? The Creator is not some material object, it is nature.

A person who penetrates deep into nature in such a way that he communicates with it bilaterally, understands its causes, consequences, positive and negative forces, and feels this harmony of nature’s interaction in both directions is called a prophet.

Question: It turns out that you can talk to nature. In the primary sources, it says that one can hear God and one can talk to Him. Is there any difference here?

Answer: Yes. The difference is in the depth or in the height of the attainment of nature.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/21/22

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