Prophets And Prophecy

294.4Question: Throughout all times, different nations of the world mention prophets and prophecies. What is a prophecy?

Answer: Prophecy is a person’s perception of the program of creation and its source, i.e., the upper force and its revelation in a certain format, in quantity and quality, before the rest of the people

The real prophets are Kabbalists who attained the Creator through the equivalence of their properties with the properties of the Creator and who tell us about His properties, His program, and what we should be according to it.

Question: Is there a connection between prophecies and predictions? Is it the same thing?

Answer: A prophecy is a vision of a more distant future, it is vague in time. And the prediction is something more specific, for the near future.

In every generation there are people who can prophesy and predict. But whether they are ready, whether they allow themselves to do it, is another question.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 6/13/21

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