A New Round Of World Drama: “Omicron”

294.2At our stage of development as a human race, nature expects us to unite so that we realize, at least for our egoistic benefit, we are on the same planet, frantically rushing somewhere in a huge space, and are dependent on each other. There is no one else to help us, we have to organize our own life on this earth.

This is our home, a small village. And if we do not establish this life so that all the inhabitants of the globe can live in peace in a kind world and if we do not care for our planet, we will not be able to survive on it.

This is a problem because nature’s program will not allow us to try again, start over, and correct our mistakes. We are always obliged to move forward according to the program of nature, which in the course of our development will require us to comply more strictly with the laws of connection, in increasingly multi-faceted, high-quality communication.

We will have to meet these requirements. As long as we do not deviate very much from the form laid down for our level of development, nature forgives our mistakes. But if we strongly violate it, we get blows from nature: drought, volcanic eruptions, etc. If our separation crosses all boundaries, then nature reacts with a global pandemic.

And of course, this latest “omicron” virus is just one link in a long chain. There are ranks behind it, a whole army of such negative impacts on man and human society that we will not be able to survive. Nature will beat us until there is a small handful of people left on earth who will understand that there is no way out and who will build the right relationships among themselves.

Each new wave of the pandemic is perceived as an unpleasant surprise. It seemed to us that the virus was almost defeated, and suddenly it hits us even harder. But why did everyone think that the virus would disappear? After all, it came with a specific purpose to shake us up and help us understand that we lack unity.

And if we are working on mutual, friendly connection, we can fix the situation with this. Only this is the real medicine. And if we have not done anything in this direction, then, as is usually the case with a neglected disease, more severe conditions are revealed. If the patient does not receive the right medicine, then the disease progresses, it will not go away by itself.

The disease goes into a chronic stage, and it seems to us that it is over. But no, this is only a leap to an even more serious level of the disease.

The same story begins again: quarantine restrictions, fears, new vaccinations. After all, we have not learned anything during the two years of the epidemic and have not understood the main thing: for what purpose did the coronavirus come to us and what we should oppose it with (besides medical treatment and everything else).

The virus requires us to come closer and unite. It came as an invitation to connect to one system. The virus hit everyone; we were obliged to help our neighbors, which would have eliminated the epidemic. The virus invited everyone to take care of everyone. But did we do it?

We put masks on everyone and dispersed to a safe distance, which was also good. Although it is against connection, it is also against our egoism if we physically distance ourselves from each other. If everyone has a negative desire for the other, then the further we are from each other, the more isolated, the better. This calms the situation, which is confirmed by tests.

But still this is not a solution. Nature obliges us to find a real solution. But we were not looking for it, but only veiled our egoism with masks.
From KabTV’s “Conversation with Journalists” 11/28/21

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