Let Me Have Your Desires

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do we unify with each other?

Answer: I have a desire to reach some exalted purpose, to ascend to the upper world toward the Creator, the root of my soul, to something unknown. Every person has this longing for attaining the root, the purpose of his or her life. It has been planted in everyone, but in one person it emerges in the present incarnation (Gilgul), in another it manifested in the previous one, and in the third it will awaken in a future lifetime.

My root resides in the Creator from where I descended down to this world. And now, finally, you and I have started to aspire upward. The root of the soul, the point in the heart, awakened in both of us.

Neither you nor I can achieve anything with our points in the heart. But we will if we unify them, if you attach my point in the heart to yours and I do the same with mine. How do we do that? We have to strive to connect in our hearts. Unity per se will come from Above, by way of the Light that Reforms; but in order for that to occur, you have to collect the spiritual desires of all the people sitting here.

You acquire them by asking for it. Everything is driven by desire since it is the matter of creation. I wish and long for their desires aimed to the Creator to be mine. I want one great desire comprised of all individual desires to appear within me.

Start thinking about it and you will see how much closer you feel to people, not physically, but internally. You will start feeling what their hearts desire, and your own spiritual desire from a point will grow to a sphere, a “globe,” a “vessel.”

Finally, in this pieced together desire, you will feel a spiritual current, spiritual life. Hence, demand: “I want your desires! Do you need mine? I am willing, take it. But first let’s make a group where everyone wants to connect his heart with the hearts of the friends.”
From Lesson 1, Convention at the Arava Desert 12/30/10

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