Let’s Keep Thinking About Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe begin to work with each other, and everyone wants to feel the others close, connected. Start to examine and analyze: How long can we go on like this? Can you keep thinking of the others this way for a while? A minute? Two minutes? Or maybe even five or ten minutes? It is already quite long. Usually, it ends in a second.

And it’s good. It is called guarantee. Everyone almost instantly forgets that he must bond with the others and see them as great, and that’s an opportunity to immediately remember to do it again.

If, in our thought, we are concerned with everyone, wishing that nobody forgets it, we will remember indeed. A person will feel how the others pressure him with their thoughts. Desires in the hearts of the others will affect everyone.

Baal HaSulam wrote a very special, profound article about mutual guarantee. After all, it is the condition for receiving the Torah, the Light. We support everybody so that nobody forgets about unity, which isn’t dancing in embrace, but rather the inner unity of hearts. If we care about one another, we will definitely not forget about it, constantly returning to it in our thoughts. Thereby, we will accomplish great work.

Each second, everyone keeps forgetting and remembering over and over again. Together, we will complete many acts, by entering this connection and stepping out of it again, in order to return to it again. And every time, while doing so, we actualize the Reshimot (spiritual records) that remained in us after the breaking of the souls.

Finally, after a few such actions, we arrive to the Light. It is written: “The Torah will go forth from Zion.” In other words, we receive it thanks to these departures (Yetziot) from oneness, each time resisting them and rushing back in.

So, let us think about our unity, about nobody abandoning these thoughts, about everyone here being a magnificent and unique individual. He was chosen by the Creator; hence, I honor this upper part, the Creator’s part, in him. Thereby, while assisting each other from within, we gradually arrange ourselves into one common Kli (vessel), a single soul.

When this Kli comprised from multiple parts bonds in the minimal required degree, we will immediately feel the Creator’s, the Upper Light’s, presence in it. Let’s hope that we will reach this state today or tomorrow, or, at the latest, the day after tomorrow.

In fact, it happens when you least expect it, and even the instant before a person doesn’t see it coming. It can, indeed, occur after the efforts we have just described.
From Lesson 1, Convention at the Arava Desert 12/30/10

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