The Soul Has No Age

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can a child connect to your educational system?

Answer: A child will connect to that "environment of existence" through the Internet in a language he or she understands and in a form suitable to him or her. We just need to encourage children from the start to be part of the system, and they will make contact with other children around the world. They will feel comfortable in it and advance as part of it.

I think that results will be immediately visible. Within a few weeks, you will feel how your child has changed. Try to talk with him, and you’ll see how he’s grown, wised up, and begins to answer questions as an adult, that he has gotten an entirely different attitude toward life.

We have to treat a child as an adult. The soul has no age. The problem is that we dumb ourselves down when interacting with children and, thus, spoil them. A child doesn’t want such an attitude from us. He wants to be the same as us.

We just need to take into account that he is physically smaller and weaker than us, but, inside, he is absolutely grown up and adult. We should treat and talk to him as with an adult, seriously explaining everything, seeking advice, and listening to his opinion as with an adult.

You’ll see how well children respond to it and want it. For them, being an adult is a fascinating game. It’s forbidden for us adults to descend to their level and play as if we were kids. It’s wrong. It’s not they, but we who are playing.

It’s a very important principle of education to treat children as adults. Never mind that he looks like a little child; it’s only a physical body. From within that child’s body, an adult’s eyes are watching you, closely following after you and understanding everything.

It’s a mistake to consider him a child. It’s a fallacy that has accompanied humanity since antiquity, together with all sorts of fairy tales, preaching all kinds of fetishism and superstition. We need to cancel all that.

We are different from a child only at the animate level. When we communicate at the level of human within us, we should treat everyone equally. A child is our equal partner in the creation of this new educational method, and we have to speak openly with him about everything and require his full participation. Let children sit in meetings together with adults and participate in discussions about building the program. We’ve got nothing to hide from them.

That’s what will develop them. They don’t want to receive everything ready-made from us. They want to independently, consciously realize it from the start. We should hide nothing from a child; he is not a child. We need to treat him as a complete equal.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/28/10, “Peace in the World”

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