The Evil Inclination And The Seed Of A Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanAt Kabbalah conventions, during Unity Days, and at other such gatherings, we do very serious work, and it affects us every time. If we spend the three days correctly, then during the lessons you will begin to understand and feel much more than now.

Such unifying events elevate a person since he becomes saturated with spiritual forces while participating in them. We receive them solely by way of unification and will never find them within or obtain them directly from Above. We gain the strength to ascend solely from the environment. The more tuned-in and immersed I am, the greater our collective benefit is.

From a person’s initial desire, from the “point in the heart,” he appeals to the group, gains additional desire from it, and employs it to raise MAN, the plea for correction. Then, in response, he receives the force of bestowal, which in essence is his soul.

Every one of us has only a seed of a soul, the point in the heart. Later on, we must face our evil inclination, our mutual hate and resentment. My evil inclination resists unification with people who are willing to come with me to the Creator, to the purpose of creation.

There was a time when we were all linked as one whole, until the breaking occurred, cutting us off from each other. True hate emerges precisely between us, not in each of us separately. I don’t need to dread the character I was born with or my inclinations. It is all nonsense. What matters is that while striving to unite with the friends, I discover that I don’t wish to do so and am appalled by it.

I get to see the whole mountain of hate, Mount Sinai. I transform it with the Light that Reforms; in other words, I receive the Torah and merit “the land of Israel,” the spiritual desire aimed directly to the Creator. Finally, I get to know Him and reveal spirituality.
From Lesson 1, Convention at the Arava Desert 12/30/10

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