Praying Means To Beg That My Heart Will Be Ignited

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why does it say that a person should judge himself to the scale of merit? Does he do it by himself? Isn’t it the Upper Light that operates on him?

Answer: We don’t say that the upper force operates here, although it does everything. When it says that “a person should correct” it means that a person demands that the Upper Light correct him.

It is the same in our world when we speak about a house that was built by a great architect. Did the architect actually build the house? He planned it and there were hundreds of people who built the house. But we say that the house was built by the architect and sometimes even hang up a plaque with his name.

We also don’t speak about the forces that we operate. There is the Creator who is good and benevolent, “There is none else besides Him,” He gave a law that cannot be broken: the law of equivalence of form that determines all the levels on the spiritual ladder. But all our appeals, all our work, depends only on us. If we activate ourselves by feeling the right yearning, we will receive the Light.

It is a constant supply that never ends and never changes. Everything depends only on our equivalence of form with the Light. So we don’t say that the Light corrects us. If everything is ready and He is good and benevolent, everything is determined by my desire for positive changes, and the Light immediately operates in full power.

Actually I don’t even have to ask it to do so. Therefore we don’t say “to beg” but “to pray” to the Creator because I have to beg myself and activate myself and not Him. I am the one who has to reveal my desires, and all the actions are meant to ignite our heart. The Upper Light is in a state of absolute rest and the problem is only in our heart.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/5/14

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