Asking For Others

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What must I distinguish in my life as the main thing? What should I pay attention to first?

Answer: Your attention should be focused on the only thing: praying for others. Let people feel good in unity, good because the Creator brings them good and enjoys it.

Question: And what about the problems in other areas of my life?

Answer: It seems that your prayer is not yet complete. The Creator wants you to perfect it, and that is why He “pokes” you here and there, aiming you at the goal. If you are not sensitive enough or are thick-skinned or stubborn, then you need to have some “touches to the picture” added to give the desired vector. Indeed, the farther you advance toward the goal, the more precise the corrections should be. So, with every step, the pokings will be more sensitive to guide you precisely on course.

Question: How can I use them?

Answer: We need to accept them with love. After all, they are like the indications of the navigator that leads you along the route. How is it possible to manage without them? Would you understand or feel where your next turn is? You need these painful sensations: shakes, frustration, and rejection.

Every time, you strive to the goal with their help, through the friends, through the group, and through the world, keeping a course only at the Creator in order to bring Him this entire vessel. The vessel can make the correction and thanks to it, will be fully imbued with the pleasure of the Creator only in order to bring Him pleasure. The entire world will want to open itself so that the Creator fills it with goodness, and we will be able to turn everything into bestowal unto Him.

How can we advance toward this bestowal? How can we learn this?—above the unpleasant things. If you cannot give up what feels good to you now and reduce the degree of comfort in the desire to receive, how will you be able to give up pleasure later? How will you convert it into bestowal? That is why we must go through the stages of development.

Question: This means that troubles come to me so that it is easier to give up pleasant things?

Answer: Not at all. We use them for something else. They come in your sensation, are manifested in the desires where there is no awareness of the greatness of the Creator. If you had felt the importance of the Creator in them, you would not have felt pain. Every unpleasant sensation hides a lack of importance of the Creator and nothing else. As soon as you feel that He is important, any discomfort disappears. Similarly, her own state is not important to a mother as long as her child is well. As it is written, “Love covers all transgressions.”

So, we must pray for friends and for the entire world. However, we cannot just sit and pray. I need to work in the group to come to the necessary prayer. A prayer is the result of all my actions, all my efforts. I help friends and help society understanding that the only help I am capable of is to direct others to the single goal.

Material efforts are intended eventually to establish connection with people and bring them to the method that gives the right approach. Charity does not in itself change the world for the better, and governments are also powerless in this. That is why we must study the system of the universe and understand that there is only one really effective means: bringing people together to pray for them.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/9/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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  1. با سلام و درود و سپاس فرا وان به استاد محترم جناب دکتر لایتمن که برای ما انسانها زحمت بسیار می کشند تا ما را هدایت و به سوی نور راهنمایی کنند ،با ارزوی موفقیت همه کابالیستهای دنیا ،وبه امید روزی که همه ما رهروان ایین مقدی کابالا باشیم ،تا نظم نوین جهانی به تحقق برسد ! یاخاد

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