Would You Like Some “Manna From Heaven”?

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhy do they say “manna from heaven” if it is found in the morning in the place of dew? It doesn’t fall from the sky; it appears on the ground. Thanks to MAN, which is Bina and Malchut connected, we exalt our desires and demand correction by the property of bestowal.

Evoking our desires to ascend, pleading with the Creator to be equal to Him in love and bestowal, is regarded as MAN. This is exactly how a person fulfills himself after he tears away from his egoism. I revive my soul by the fact that I enjoy bestowal and desire to be filled with Bina, the Creator.

Therefore, I examine: Do I want it or not? Am I able to fulfill myself? Does egoistic fulfillment fill me as it did in the past, which is described as “pots filled with the meat I ate in Egypt?”

Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t. All states that a person undergoes in the process of spiritual evolution are mandatory. Kabbalah tells us about the smallest detail that every one of us must experience. Hence, the sages said: “Write the Torah on the tablets of your heart.” The heart is our desire, and each desire must undergo all these transformations that Kabbalah describes.

When we realize that we don’t want “manna from heaven” and would rather return to the meat we ate in Egypt, these are the states we disclose within during spiritual work. It is at the time when you exert enormous effort toward advancement that you discover desires that haven’t yet been corrected or clarified. Thanks to the fact that a desire unfolds, you examine it, grab it like a snake that sticks its head out, pull it out from within, transform it, and get rid of it.
From the Lesson on Weekly Torah Portion 1/13/2011

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