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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do we advance to a state of Hafetz Hesed?

Answer: Advancing is only possible through the Light that Reforms, in that we strictly carry out those deeds that the Kabbalists advise us to do. Here very strict, relatively simple, consistent work is required, that we must carry out time after time, while the Light influences us and brings us to the result.

But you do this strict work on your desire to receive, on your flesh. You really cut it, pierce it, and strictly continue with those activities. And all the time you are attracting a new illumination onto yourself, and then, “a penny and another penny accumulate to a great sum.”

Question: Must I invest some kind of demand, a special prayer on my activities?

Answer: Your demand must be not to demand anything other than bestowal. And this prayer is also the result of the influence of the Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light). We must pass through a process of detachment from our ego, and this is very painful. And in order to make this pain not too unbearable, it’s divided into very small steps according to a person’s ability to tolerate it.

If you want to hasten this process, the group is given to you. Try to share this process of detachment with it. There exists a unique patent, a wonderful opportunity here that makes it possible for us to do this, the helping Klipa (the egoistic forces).

We constitute one body, a collective flesh, only it is cut into many small pieces. If you were to now feel how they cut your living flesh into many pieces, you would not succeed in holding onto such a feeling. Just imagine that they are beginning to gradually cut piece after piece away from you. It’s impossible to endure this at all.

In order for you to not feel this pain, they gave you a feeling of a lack of contact with everyone. And in such a circumstance you can go through all of these actions. This egoistic Klipa that separates us from one another helps us to pass through these states more easily. This is to say, these two parts, both the Klipa and the Kedusha, are working towards the same goal.

The Klipa really works in the opposite way. If not for this, we could not endure. It disturbs us so that we will attain the best state because it’s attained through connection to a single whole, a unity. But on the other hand, it helps us to overcome the evil because it divides it into many parts. I don’t feel the evil, the disasters, that are happening to someone in some other part of the world. If I were to feel all of the sufferings of the world now, would I be ready to tolerate them? Therefore, it’s said that “the peel protects the fruit.”
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/2/14

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