The Bitter Sweetness Of Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can the Creator interfere in the action of the laws of nature?

Answer: He Himself determined these immutable laws. “He gave a law and it can not be surpassed,” and therefore, actually everything was done because “The end of the action is incorporated in the initial thought.” The final state is already contained in the moment He decided to create the creation. And only for us this perfection still needs to be revealed, in all the negatives and all the positives. It is revealed only in our perceptions and actually nothing is changing except this revelation in us.

And therefore the laws are determined as all the stages in the path. We are going through all of them, but are able to move in different rates or different beats and to feel different tastes: bitter or sweet. In this is the whole difference: I can progress in a sweet and fast way or in a bitter and long path. The stages are predetermined, but on the sweet path they are changing quickly and in the bitter path they are lengthening. It depends on our attitude, in our effort. In principle, the world was created for this, that we will change our attitude toward the progress, in order for us to transfer from the long and bitter path to the sweet and fast path, according to the manner we are rising above the ego.

And here is where the whole problem lies. After all, I want what seems to my ego as sweet and fast. But instead of this, I choose the opposite, bestowal, that is desirable in the eyes of the Creator. I agree with Him, with His long and bitter way, and then this way suddenly becomes sweet and quick. “Click,” and everything thing changes.
From 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/28/12, “The Peace”

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