“I Want Only To Bestow”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do we get any pleasure on the level of “to bestow in order to bestow,” Hafetz Hesed, since we are not using our desire on this level?

Answer: Hafetz Hesed, pure Bina, doesn’t mean a monk’s life in a monastery. Here, it is important for whom and for what I am in the state of Hafetz Hesed, which means that I want Hassadim, only bestowal. A person gets pleasure since his fulfillment comes from the Creator.

It seems that something is lacking in the state of Hafetz Hesed since you don’t receive, so what can you give? Nothing! However, you are giving the feeling of adhesion. You say that you want to adhere to the Creator every way that you can.

He isn’t a hermit who lives in the woods where nothing worries him because his desires are not developed and he is satisfied living a very simple life, like an animal. There are beggars who live on the street who also don’t want a different life.

If you offered to make such a beggar a rich, successful businessman, he would refuse. He would ask, “What do I need this for?” You would answer, “You will make lots of money and then you will be able to rest and do nothing!” He would reply, “But now, too, I rest and do nothing.” He doesn’t understand the difference between Hafetz Hesed that has nothing and lives on the street and someone who only wants bestowal after he already has received everything.

However, this is the entire difference that people don’t get. Hafetz Hesed in the spiritual work is a person who has risen above his very big desires, and it isn’t about such small desires like the desires of a beggar on the street. Above all the very big desires, he has the power to stay adhered to the Creator in a form called “smallness.” Then, he is like a child who adheres to his father, the Creator. He annuls all the other vessels. This is called Hafetz Hesed.

A person reaches this level with big, cruel vessels, but is ready to annul them and to give them up only in order to adhere to the Creator since this is the only way he can be in bestowal and adhesion with the Creator. He is ready for everything, but he has nothing to bestow.

He asks the Creator, “At least give me a chance to be beside you, just to adhere to some point so that I won’t escape you.” At that moment, he cannot express his loyalty in a more powerful way.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/11/12, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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