A Direct Mutual Connection

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If we speak about the connection of the levels of the upper, the middle, and the lower, then the upper is the teacher, the middle is us, and the lower is the 99% of humanity. Sometimes we manage to feel the unity between us and sometimes we don’t. How can we constantly hold on to the point of unity in order to convey the importance of unity to the people?

Answer: In the articles of Rabash it states that the friends should gather and speak about the greatness of the Creator and the greatness of the teacher. Of course, neither the Creator nor the teacher needs that, but it is necessary in order to raise the students.

If we raise those through whom we receive the Light, we thus connect to the upper source and begin to receive bestowal from Him. Then the understanding of unity and the connection with the upper source are revealed among us.

When we go out to the external circles, the feelings and understandings of this unity and the connection with the upper are conveyed to them.

Just like children who learn many things from their parents, whether they want to or not, and imitate them in different ways like their characteristic behaviors and habits, and their positive and negative responses, so will the external circles receive our feeling of unity and connection to the upper source. This happens in a natural manner.

The wisdom of Kabbalah doesn’t speak about anything that is supernatural, but only about how to learn to be one whole in order to be in harmony with the still, vegetative, and animate levels, to learn from nature, which is what everyone is calling for today.

People used to believe that we had to conquer nature, that we are above nature and smarter than nature. Now everyone is beginning to understand how stupid and much more limited we are than nature. Nature is perfect!

The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us how to learn from nature and how to reach a state in which we will discover its total integrality, the deep and total mutual connection. If we attain that, the masses will also accept it and perceive it since our thoughts and feelings will flow unto them. They will begin to think like us and also perceive everything as we do.

Why is it that what people think that whatever happens on one side of the world is suddenly understood on the other side? It is because we are all mutually connected.

Therefore, when we go out to people and connect to them, the direct mutual connection works. We will perceive their different yearnings and they will perceive ours. Their shattered yearnings and their egoistic desires will force us to yearn for unity in order to correct them. Our unity and connection to the upper will help them perceive it and focus themselves in that direction for correction.
From the International Summer Camp In Bulgaria “Day One” 7/11/14, Lesson #2

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