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Unity Is The Guarantee Of Victory, Part 1

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What exactly do we celebrate on Chanukah? What are we happy about, and how do we make our lives happy today not only on holidays?

Chanukah is dedicated to events that happened in 167 BC, the war of the Maccabees. But the war was conducted not only against the Greeks.

Between the people of Israel themselves there was a great schism that divided the society into two groups: those who opposed the invasion of the Greeks and those who supported it. The secular elite accepted new values that were brought to the people of Israel by the Greeks.

And the second group, that called itself the Maccabees, opposed the penetration of Greek culture into the Jewish people. In this manner, a schism appeared among the people, an internal ideological war. And all of this was under the conditions of a serious external threat.

Is it possible to see here some kind of parallel with what is happening in our day in Israeli society, which also lives under conditions of an internal schism and an external threat today?

Answer: Clearly, the situation today is much different from the wars of the Maccabees. This is because the Greeks didn’t come to conquer the land of Israel; they only wanted to instill their culture, attitude towards nature, science, and way of life into it.

This was the inner essence of these wars. They were intended to disseminate Greek materialism to everyone. The Greeks agreed that higher forces of nature exist, but they were very simple. The main thing was that a person should bow down to them, and he could then live however he wanted regarding everything else.

They didn’t demand that a person live according to the laws of connection and unity, as was customary among the people of Israel. So, many people willingly accepted the dominance of the Greeks. If a person accepted Greek culture, their statues, their stadiums, then he would become like them. Much later, the English and the French established colonies in African nations with identical goals by bringing their culture to them.

In other words, this was a war of cultures. Among the people of Israel, a war broke out because the people didn’t want to accept the Greek materialistic approach to life. This led to an internal schism among the people of Israel between those who accepted the Greek approach and those who opposed it.

A materialistic approach to life was accepted specifically by the elites, the military officers, the rich, the executives, and the highest strata of society.

Question: And what was the culture of the people of Israel in that period that they so much wanted to protect from the Greeks?

Answer: This was the same culture that manifested itself in the group of Abraham on the basis of, “And you shall love your friend as yourself.” It connected everyone through love and mutual bestowal. Each one understood that he was connected with everyone else and existed thanks only to this connection and unity.

Through the realization of a connection like this between them, they felt their connection with the higher power of nature. This is because there is only one higher power at work in all of nature, which can be called the Creator.

This power illuminates a person according to the law of equivalence of form. When we connect among us, then we also become singular, like this power. And so it begins to illuminate us and we feel it. We feel this illumination, the presence of this bright power among us, which brings us blessing and success in all of our activities.

This is like a good energy that is discovered in every person among the people of Israel and in all of these people together.

Question: If this force is the bearer of such goodness, why were the Greeks against it?

Answer: The idea is that in order to discover this force in our connection, it is necessary to conduct a struggle with our ego. This is because the ego pushes us away from each other and it is necessary to fight it all the time in order to have an inclination to be drawn towards everyone.

So we must awaken the forces of society that will obligate each one to be attracted towards it, to publicize this knowledge and call for everyone to be concerned about everyone else. This is called mutual responsibility. The main thing is connection and unity between us. We exist and win thanks only to this.
From the program “A New Life” 12/11/14

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Rising Above The Gaping Emptiness

Dr. Michael LaitmanDepression is one of the problems of modern humanity; it appeared at the turn of the 17th – 18th century in forms characteristic of the aristocracy of the day. People that led idle lives, didn’t know what to do with themselves, with what to occupy themselves. Based on this, they secretly began to raise the question about the meaning of life; on one hand, everything seemed to be there, and on the other hand, there was nothing.

To distract people from these thoughts and dampen the growing emptiness, society began to encourage romance, sex, and small wars. Then the development of various technologies began, and sports, travel, and the pursuit of fashion became popular. Everything was focused on keeping a person busy, giving him a sense of fulfillment instead of focusing on the true answer to the question “Why am I here?”

In parallel, print media, radio and television, and soon the Internet were developed, which further filled leisure time and all of a person’s resources. The Internet is filled with a vast variety of information that plugs the emptiness that arises within us.

But despite this, no matter in what a man is engaged, there is a greater and greater sense of inner awareness of worthlessness, insignificance, and the limits of his existence. The question of the meaning of life subconsciously gnaws at any person, be they more or less educated. This wormhole is inside of him, and he needs to do something with it.

This longing by the masses has caused a significant level of depression, and in order to address this, the masses are offered sedatives and other recreational drugs. Under the banner of struggling for a healthy humanity, government health agencies prohibit smoking, but instead they are slowly killing people with recreational drugs.

The by-product of ignoring the truth and not focusing on finding the right answer has led to everything being permitted. Humanity isn’t limited in any type of behavior, meaning sexually or drug related. Fulfill yourself with anything, just so the depression isn’t felt. This approach has led to the masses being willing to kill everyone and everything, including oneself, since he is no longer afraid of anything.

Searching for the meaning of life is most difficult because in order to find it a person must rise above oneself. A person can’t rise above oneself except in the case, by the will of fate he finds the wisdom of Kabbalah. Although it’s also a long path, at least one sees some kind of a perspective, not through feelings but through logic.

It turns out that depression is a problem for all humankind. The sooner humanity will move forward under the influence of the Internet and the overall development, more and more people will feel the insignificance of life, its limitations, and short term.

Subconsciously we feel that much greater potential is inherent in our lives than the one in existence now. For a person wasn’t created to live like an animal, meaning to be engaged in oneself, one’s offspring, and the arrangement of one’s own life to the grave. A person has some internal embryo that requires its own self-actualization and realization. On one hand, there is this embryo in each person, and on the other hand, this embryo can be suppressed.

Today, the most important industry of the world is the entertainment industry, which takes huge amounts of money, resources, etc. Even this industry has already been experiencing a setback and we are no longer satisfied by Hollywood and other mass entertainment venues.

A person has become impatient in the search for the meaning of life. A person cannot watch an online video clip that lasts more than five minutes. A year later, it will be shortened by a minute, and then by another minute. A question gnaws at him “Will I find something here? If not, then I won’t even want to watch.” After all, viewing long clips only increases the void, so it’s better not to watch them.

The problem is when a person opens a book or becomes engaged in some business, he is afraid to stop such activity due to an even greater disclosure of emptiness, insignificance, worthlessness, and lack of response to this gnawing question; therefore, he tries to preempt it. Therefore, people decrease their Internet discussions and talks over the mobile phone, limiting them to short phrases like ‘See you tomorrow! Later!” as if they want to leave something for the future. And what do they have tomorrow? The same emptiness that is today, but it seems better to break in the middle of a conversation, as though there was something to talk about afterward.

A person has to feel that there is a future! And there is no future! Somehow today we still can see it. Perhaps it looks ghostly and foggy, but we can still lie to ourselves about it. But day after day this feeling passes by, and in the hands of humanity, there is nothing that can plug this void.

No matter what, this emptiness remains and becomes more gaping, black, and grim. So, the younger generation quietly parts with this life, since it is much easier to forget everything while under the influence of drugs and to leave quietly rather than carrying this darkness internally.

We are faced with a huge problem that we lack the desire and ability to solve. Only Kabbalah gives an answer to this problem. However, until people don’t become completely disappointed, they won’t hear us out.  We must be ready to present them with the Kabbalistic wisdom in a way they can understand. It should become clear that only we have the answer, and the answer is only to reach the infinite, eternal, perfect existence, which is not concentrated in our body, but among us, in the sense of our own “I.”

My body, the animal substance, dies after some time; however, the human being in me is forever. So I need to separate the “I” from what I now consider myself, pull it out, isolate it from my body, and start raising, nurturing, and shaping it. This is the human being in me that I must realize.

Question: If a person is on this path, will his depression fade?

Answer: Yes, but other problems will certainly start to appear because a person has to develop himself. However, they all will end up breaking away from their animal. After rising above the body, the person will remain there for eternity and in perfection. The wisdom of Kabbalah provides a real answer that is realized by ourselves in our world and inside us. Here we do not depend on anyone and no one can restrict us! This is our freewill. To realize this we don’t need any special tools; everything is in our hands.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories” 10/23/14

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Spiritual And Physical Exile

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom ancient Babylon to the destruction of the Temple, the group of Abraham went through many various states, ascents and descents. It is due to egoism that they were forced to unite with each other to the extent that they revealed the inner anti-egoistic laws of nature that they wrote in the book called the Torah. The Torah is the guide by which we must live today.

Through cultivating good relationships with each other, consideration, mutual trust, and support, they revealed a special force of connection within this unity, which is the force of nature. This force holds within itself the entire universe and causes its movement towards harmony.

This was the major discovery of the descendants of the group of Abraham. Having understood the fundamental force of nature that causes the development of humankind, they saw the process by which it develops.

Over time, coming out of slavery in Egypt, they again returned to their country called Israel, the land of those who seek the Creator, where they built a state based on love of others and laws of mutual trust.

These laws were introduced into everyday life through the Sanhedrin, which was a council of sages who had achieved a high level of altruism that clearly told them how to move forward and what to do. Thus, the sages dealt with the people’s problems and led it forward. The people existed in this state before the time called the destruction of the Temple.

For many hundreds of years and with each generation fighting with their ego and rising above it, they came to a state when an unexpected surge of egoism occurred within them and which they could not cover by getting closer to each other. Through this egoism, the society fell apart.

It was then that internecine wars, distrust, and disagreement began, leading to the invasions by the Greeks and then the Romans. Thus the path of the state of Israel ended. The entire group of people went from its spiritual state into exile, from a state of “love thy neighbor as thyself” to a descent to normal, everyday egoism.

In their physical life, the spiritual exile was manifested in the form of physical exile. The Romans who conquered the land of Israel expelled the Jews who were forced to begin their centuries of wandering.

Holding together purely egoistically in order not to perish and to somehow survive, they were compelled to move from country to country where they were given temporary shelter. Thus, the 2,000 years of exile of the Jewish people passed in this way.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories” 10/24/14

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Reaching Heaven

Dr. Michael LaitmanAt the time the people of Israel left Babylon, there were two tendencies. Since then these two tendencies, two worlds, have existed one within the other. The Jewish people were mixed with humanity, and at the same time, they did not dissolve into it. They were scattered, yet they couldn’t disappear; for at their source, they are a completely different society that is connected and linked with each other in another way.

These two tendencies cannot intermingle. The Jewish people and the other peoples have such different natural, spiritual sources that a very clear and tangible separation has existed and still exists between them. This is impossible to describe and understand.

There was a time that Babylon, the cradle of humanity, was like a family. Then a great eruption of ego occurred and King Nimrod came into power. Babylon, in a fundamental way, became the capital for all the advancement of those times: mysticism, the occult, and so on.

Babylon was really at the center of humanity. And in this center a small point was created. This was a Babylonian priest by the name of Abraham, his father Terah, and his grandfather Nahor. They were great masters of wisdom, were learned men, astrologers, and scientists. They were a very educated family for those times.

And so suddenly in Babylon problems and differences of opinion suddenly broke out. The eruption of ego separated people and caused fights, conflicts, struggles between brothers, and other problems that hadn’t existed in the past. A need was discovered for courts, lawyers, guards, police, etc.. In fact, capitalist principles suddenly began to materialize.

The family of Abraham actively participated in this because it was essentially involved in ideological work with the population.

And so the Babylonians reached a situation where they decided to build the Tower of Babel, meaning that allegorically, it reached the heavens. Their arrogance grew in such dimensions that their power, I would say, their audacity and boldness exploded so much that they wanted to reach the stars.

Abraham began to investigate the subject because this subject touched him directly. I think that he began his investigation for absolutely egoistic reasons. After all, if people wanted to reach the stars, this threatened his profession, wealth, power, and authority.

Question: So in the beginning Abraham decided to go in a simple scientific path?

Answer: He had to solve this problem. People first turned to him for advice regarding simple daily problems: Should they water the fields or not, should they go fishing or wait, whom should they marry? They asked things like that. But people became so egoistic, so immersed in narcissism, and so sure of themselves, that it was as if they stopped feeling a need for him.

Abraham felt that they avoided him, and this situation threatened his future.

Understandably, I am exaggerating a bit, but in principle, it must be noted that in the beginning he was a regular egoist. He made statues of idols and sold them profititably to the community that worshipped them. In the end, everyone profited from this, since the community received a feeling of security and Abraham received his profit.

And suddenly people stopped being satisfied with statues. They felt that they were above them. This was threatening to Abraham himself, his future, his profession, and his status. And so he began to investigate what happened.

It is necessary to say that in his heart, he was a true investigator. In other words, the truth was more important to him than his personal gain.

And so when he explored the nature of the phenomenon that he had encountered in the Babylonian environment, Abraham saw a very interesting tendency in the development of the ego. During this process, people began to neglect his idols, for their ego became like a god for them. And accordingly, the fulfillment, the desire, and the glorification of the ego replaced all the other cults.

In the modern era, we see the same processes throughout the world. Why do people move away from religion? It is because the ego has grown in them. “What do I have with a divinity that is sitting who knows where if I have my own divinity: my ego, my self, that is more important to me than anything else?”

Until now, Jews and Christians have broken away from their religion in droves, and in the Muslim world, a struggle against fundamentalism is happening since they are also going through a process away that takes them from religion. As for the Indians, they also have the same struggle, but quietly and covertly. Their way is slightly different, but it is also leading towards the same goal.

There is nothing to do about it, since this is the universal way of development. Yet since every nation has a different purpose, it comes to be expressed in different ways.

In any case, the ego has become a new religion. This is just as it was in ancient Egypt when Pharaoh said: “Who is the Creator that I should listen to His voice? I myself am supreme.”

That is also what happened in ancient Babylon. When Abraham investigated this phenomenon, he discovered its essence: The ego grew to such dimensions that it became the central active image, the supreme power. Highest in the hierarchy of personal worship—for me there is nothing higher than my ego.

And so Abraham wondered: How in general is it possible to contend with this ego? “Suppose that he truly is the crown of creation, the supreme power of nature. In fact, from what I see, the impression is created that the human ego dominates everything. It destroys and builds; everything good and everything bad is done only by it, with its help, and for its sake. But if we go after it blindly, we will destroy everything and annihilate each other and all of civilization.”

This is what Abraham saw. And he was helped by King Nimrod who offered his own solution: separate and distanced from each other, to calm things down, and  scatter all over the shared space.

Nimrod was very clever. He understood that he could not do anything against what was happening by himself. So he worked for the sake of the separation process.

But Abraham looked forward: “Okay, we are dispersing. And what will happen then? After all, this is only half of the work. We truly must calm the Babylonians down who formerly lived as one family and became hateful to each other. But this only delays finding the solution, and from this aspect it doesn’t bring us closer to it at all.

“The true egoistic direction demands that, on the contrary, we cooperate and consolidate. It is true that the ego separates and incites us against one another where different interests conflict. But on the other hand, it connects us so that we can enjoy each other.”

So egoistic development is both, and within it exist opposite aspects. So everyone felt this, yet didn’t know how to use it.

“I know that I cannot get along without my neighbor. Yes, I need to stay away somewhat, to be distant from him where we disturb each other. I suppose that there is a river flowing between us now, or there is a staircase found between us. But on the other hand the neighbor produces something and I produce something, so we can help each other and, in spite of it all, we need to be connected for the sake of our egoistic fulfillment.”

Here the problem of how we correctly cooperate with each other is immediately revealed. The clearest example is the Europeans with their common market. When they were separate, they existed in a reasonable manner. Clearly, they were fighting all the time, but they existed. They wanted to connect and didn’t know how to do this. In other words, it was bad on one side and bad on the other and they didn’t know how to work with the ego.

But in fact, it is impossible to work with it. This problem was clear from the start. Both Abraham and Nimrod stood before the problem of how to transform the ego into a vital force.  How do I use my hatred towards others, my dependence on others, my desire to dominate others in a positive way? And accordingly, the same attitude exists from others towards me, which is the desire to dominate, hate, conquer, and so on. How does one bring all of this to common denominator?

After all, if we don’t solve the problem, we will be constantly immersed in disputes, annihilation, wars, etc. This is what we have seen up to today. People are already tired of all this.

Look at the modern world. From the start, there has always been unrest everywhere. Soon there won’t be any place that is calm. Latin America, China, and Japan will rise up again; everywhere there are the first signs of future wars.

How can we package our ego correctly? If this is a natural force, how can we use it correctly?

The correct use of the ego was Abraham’s discovery. Not one-sided, according to the principle of separation, nor according to the military principle of who will defeat whom, which leads to self-destruction, but a clear calculation: We require the ego so that from the hatred that typifies it, we will create the characteristics of love and mutual connection.

In conclusion, Abraham solved the problem of how to transform the ego. Without getting into philosophical, historical, technical, and psychological details that are inherent in the characteristics of nature and its laws, in general, this is Abraham’s legacy.

As a result of many years of investigation, Abraham succeeded in understanding this natural phenomenon, and after penetrating more and more deeply into the ego, there he found the higher power of nature.

He understood why it was necessary for humanity to pass specifically through this development so that a person will truly rise to the level of the Creator. And then it follows that the aspiration of civilization to build the Tower of Babel to the heavens was right, but it is necessary to build it specifically according to a supra-egoistic technology. The human ego, the construction material of the Tower of Babel, will constantly grow, but each one must stand above it. The little man stands above the pile, above the mountain that is constantly growing.

Abraham researched all the components that appeared, against their will, in that small humanity of Babylon. He used them according to their designation, and he discovered that in fact there is only one solution. And he realized this solution.

He realized it by gathering a group of his supporters, his students, that truly rose up to the heavens, meaning that they built a spiritual Tower of Babel above their ego. And as a result of this, they reached the highest point of nature, the characteristic of bestowal and love. They grew to this level.

In other words, Malchut, the egoistic foundation of humanity, reached the level of complete bestowal and love, the level of Bina.

To reach this, Abraham’s group had to leave Babylon and work for many years. Abraham lived around the year 1,700 BC, and built the correct Tower of Babel, in other words the First Temple attributed to the year 900 BC.

Generally, the concept of the Tower of Babel has passed through all of human history and humanity aspires to it subconsciously. Abraham, in the end, built it, and clearly in an absolutely different form than the Babylonians themselves imagined.
From KabTV’s “Babylon Yesterday and Today” 9/24/14

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Short Stories: From Wandering In The Desert To The Last Exile

Dr. Michael LaitmanAfter standing at Mount Sinai, the people of Israel began the process of internal self-correction called the forty years of wandering in the desert.

Forty years stands for a period of time (although it has nothing to do with actual time, but indicates a certain number of steps) covered while rising from complete egoism and correcting its portions to the point of attaining complete altruism.

However, it doesn’t mean that they were connected to the Creator. They reached a state of only standing in front of Him, but not yet merging with Him. Even though the property of mutual bestowal was already shaped in them, they didn’t ascend to the degree of reciprocal love.

At this point, they had to implement another tendency called mutual love, i.e., to transition from a condition of “not doing to others what they didn’t want for themselves” to “loving their neighbors as themselves.”

The first criterion was achieved in the desert and signified that all of them would never have a desire or a thought of harming others no matter how beneficial it seemed to them.

And yet, it is not the degree that allowed them to reach the level of loving thy neighbor as thyself, which is a prerequisite for the restoration of huge, universal, internal egoism and re-directing it towards altruism and connection with others.

This level can be reached in the process of conquering the land of Israel, where seven nations (seven gigantic egoistic qualities) had to be overcome and surmounted. This process is called the war of liberation. In other words, conquering the nations, making them leave the land or killing them stands for modifying​ the ​egoism that is associated with the last step of correction in the land of Israel.

By internally correcting, the Israelis attained the state called the Temple, i.e., they achieved the revelation of the Creator among them that kept them united for about 800 years before the Temple was destroyed.

This period of time was full of numerous twists and turns, rapid ascents and crucial downfalls, wars with Rome and Greece, and various local conflicts. The only reason for these events taking place was to enhance the connections among the people of Israel.

The people reached the state of correction and attained the Creator. They knew the purpose of their lives and realized that they existed in the eternal, perfect, infinite world. Their physical actions and spiritual attainment were inseparable. However, they began gradually sliding down from this height until they completely lost it.

The question is why was this situation created if they reached the state of complete correction?! It was given to them in order to correct the Babylonians throughout the world. They still remained at an egoistic degree of ancient Babylon, at a low, selfish level. The Babylonians had not gone through the stage of Egypt or did the stage of the golden calf.

This explains why the people of Israel, who stood way above their egoism, fell from their degree and reached the level of other nations, but still preserved a huge egoistic potential.

Here is the point when the antagonism between the people of Israel and the Babylonians (the rest of humanity) appeared. The nations of the world do not associate the people of Israel with this material civilization this people do not feel like they belong to this world. There is something strange, not like other peoples.

It can be felt through numerous tiny details. No matter how much some Israelis want to be similar to other nations that inhabit our planet, they just cannot be similar to them, since they do not come from this world. Instead, they fell from spirituality to this realm.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories” 10/22/14

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The Sinking Of The Consumerist Society

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt was only about 100 to 150 years ago that the upper classes of society began to eradicate ignorance at a time when most people were illiterate. Why did they do that? The elite needed manpower, so they taught the simple folks and brought them to a level where they could use them.

At first it was enough for them to know how to read and write and then also read drawings etc. Schools emerged in the form of a general education system that included elementary schools, high schools, and institutions of higher education.

This meant that influential people were interested in creating a middle class. They believed that educated people understand the benefit of the upper class and the latter could count on them. They could give the upper class advice and carry out their orders while they managed them from above. The middle class could convey tasks to the workers and to the simple folks in a language that they could understand.

That period is coming to an end because the world no longer needs anything that is redundant. We don’t know why this is happening this way, but it stems from human nature. We once logically thought that the desire to make more money, buy more, and become more successful was limitless. But suddenly we see that the consumerist society balloon is losing air. Therefore, if people who manage the media can do anything, it is only in order to lead a new global approach.

The upper classes today not only need people whom they have taught how to read and write and learn sciences and who can help them double their assets, but this elite class and the media they own that serves their interests, need to know that it is actually the integral education of all mankind that will be beneficial for them.

If the world is actually closed, round, and integral, everyone should participate in it correctly. Modern man should know the reason for which he is living, what his nature is, what the nature of the whole world and of all of humanity in which he exists is. He also needs to know according to which laws he lives, how these laws affect him, and how he has to affect them.

Just as we invested time in teaching hundreds of thousands of farmers to read and write during the industrial and technological era, we must take care that all are fed, clothed, and provided with integral education.

These are the three essential things a person needs, including health care, of course. I would get rid of everything else since anything that doesn’t stem from the right connection that leads to harmony with nature, undoubtedly leads us to a downfall.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/2/14

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The Illogical Foundation

Dr. Michael LaitmanThanks to their energy and ingenuity, the Jewish people are always found in the first ranks of social and technological development, seemingly showing the world in which direction to go. But in the meantime, the task and mission of the people of Israel is completely different. And if we knew exactly what it was, we would attain peace and happiness for everyone and bring the world to an optimal state.

One way or another we are a people of an idea, people who are teachers. Everything revolves around this, and this pushes us to move things. In the Torah it is said that we will be a nation of priests, in other words, we will serve as a transitional link such that through us the knowledge of the general system of creation will be transmitted to the world.

To this day, we feel this hidden irrationality from which there is no escape. The latent problem in this is that we are not teaching humanity the correct way to live. Within our nature, there are the buds of that inner structure required to transform humanity into one and make it a harmonious society.

Nobody else has this, only the Jews. This is because they have already gone through this once and so can return to this again. Moreover, they must return to this in view of all humanity.

This previous experience has been stamped into them forever, and as a result of this, all of humanity feels that they are strangers, aliens, and they feel that the Jews: “Have something that isn’t in us and cannot be.”

Even if they went through another 2,000 years, it would all be the same. The Jews are separate and everyone else is separate from them. No matter how much they try, they will not mix with others. This is like a suspension (a solution containing substances that cannot be mixed with each other).You can dissolve them, scatter them, shake them, do whatever you want, but this essential characteristic will not be mixed. Through the generations, in spite of it all, they will still grow in the original state in which they were created.

This is because what is latent in them is irrelevant to mundane factors. Integrate them with whomever you want on the material level, replace them all with others, this point will pop up in them again. It is illogical. It doesn’t belong to the nature of our world, to physical bodies. In every case, it will sprout in their descendants in the same form as today. Everything will come out as if nothing had happened.

Let’s make a gross calculation, solely and only for a general illustration. Before 700–800 BC, with the destruction of the First Temple, the Jewish people lost ten tribes, five times more than the remaining two tribes. Throughout all the time that passed since then and up until today, these two tribes grew, let’s say, to 15 million people.

Considering the mass extermination of Jews throughout history brings this theoretical number to 20 million. From here it follows that the descendants of the rest of the tribes, who were five times more, they would need to total 100 million. This is quite a considerable sum, right?

And so, in a particular amount of time, we will see that these 100 million will suddenly be discovered as if out of nowhere. It will be discovered that they are Jews in different nations with completely different customs and different characteristics, no matter what and where. Suddenly it will be discovered that they are here, there, and everywhere. Moreover, when they are discovered with their Jewish traits, in them that same illogical something will be found. And again, the familiar picture will be repeated: The nations will look at the Jews and see that there is something in them, but what it is, is unclear. Even though they have the form and character of local residents, it doesn’t matter.

He could be an American, an Australian, a European, but you see that this is a Jew. It is as if he arrived from outer space, settled here among the inhabitants of the earth and lives in their clothes, whereas his interior is different. Living in him is a spark that connects him with the upper world. This spark remains; it is impossible to be released from it.

Hitler tried to exterminate all the Jews, but it is impossible to exterminate this spiritual point through physical annihilation. In any case it will grow in other people without any connection to genetics or the generations who were annihilated.

I repeat: The illogical foundation that exists in these people cannot be annihilated. History itself testifies to this.

And so the stock that is composed of the ten tribes that exists somewhere among other peoples has yet be revealed.
From KabTV’s “Babylon Yesterday and Today” 9/24/14

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The Essential Secret Of The Jews, Part 64

From the book The Essential Secret of the Jews, M. Brushtein

The Crisis Is According To A Consistent Pattern  

The fact that the crisis is a regular thing has been known for a long time. Nikolai D.Kondratiev’s studies are widely known.

Kondratiev waves are long cycles of economic activity, the existence of which was predicted by the Russian economist Nikolai D. Kondratieff (1892-1931) who was killed during Stalin’s purges.

The cycle length is defined as about 40 years. The last drop in production accounted for the depression in the 1930s. (Academic Dictionary)

It is interesting that, according to Kondratieff’s observations, cycles consist of four phases. In their turn, Kondratieff cycles themselves are part of another four.

Economic cycles:

Kitchin cycle 2-3 years;

Juglar cycle 6-13 years;

Kuznets cycle 15-20 years;

Kondratieff cycle 50-60 years.

By the way, let’s recall that we talked about the four phases of development in Chapter 2.

We need to say the following with respect to the cycles. The point is not in what order and how economic crises pass. The problem is that even the most thorough study of the crisis brought us no closer to an understanding of their causes. Why do we need to know when the next crisis comes? It is better that it didn’t happen at all.

“A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it.” (Albert Einstein)

The fact is that the causes of the crises are in the incorrect relationship between people, Abraham once said. Today, we are finally starting to understand it.

We do not develop harmoniously and our spiritual development is so behind that we are the victims of an avalanche of technological growth. We cannot emerge from this stream, even if we wanted to.

As a result, when humanity had a need for a new energy for technological development, when it discovered this energy, then morally it was not ready to use it to its advantage.

Then, in terms of historical development, we began to distrust each other so much, not to believe that we could help each other (although everything was done in order to survive together) that each of us personally, in fact, does not participate in public life. (Andrei A. Tarkovsky, Russian filmmaker, writer, film editor, film theorist, theatre and opera director)

We do not know how to solve this problem. Abraham solved this problem.

“He (Abraham) managed to create a great nation of the progeny. Unified, despite all the changes of places and vicissitudes.” (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German writer and statesman).

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The Future Society

Dr. MIchael LaitmanThe revolutionary process in which we are participating began with the Big Bang and continued through stronger and stronger connection: from fundamental particles to atoms, from atoms to molecules, from molecules to more and more complex structures, until the appearance of the human body, including the cognitive system, the nervous system, and additional systems. Some of them are not known and some are not understood by us.

In general, this process evolved in two directions: extension and connection.

Everything aspires to connection, and only humans, their societies and their nature, receive an opposite form. In a society, we become more and more connected. However, on the other hand, we oppose each other because the ego separates us. As a result of this, we don’t build a cohesive society based upon mutual support, according to the principle of every living body, including our own. Instead of this, we build something very strange, and our society becomes like a cancer that ultimately devours itself and dies.

Essentially, we don’t know what to do. Scientific studies of the forces and mechanisms that move us have discovered that we have no possibility of avoiding  a third world war and chaos. Scientists know this and write that there is no real solution to this way of development, and what is left is only to submit to the mercy of the process that leads us toward an unknown future.

We are destroying the planet, depleting the natural resources, and doing with nature and ecology whatever we please. All this is not because this came to us, but because we don’t know how to build systems that consist of opposites that connect into a single structure. This union of opposites is precisely the essential law of complex systems.

Here, we come to the wisdom of Kabbalah. This problem arose even 3,500 years ago in ancient Babylon. On the one hand, its inhabitants were very close to one another and depended upon each other. On the other hand, they could not stand each other. They hated one another and felt mutual repulsion. And there was nothing they could do about it, the very structure of society was such that it was devouring itself.

It was then that a wise man by the name of Abraham discovered that the transition to a new level of development was concealed here. Essentially, there was nothing unique about that state. Just like the transition from the level of the still to the vegetative, or from the vegetative to the level of the animate, so also is the transition from the level of the animate to the level of the speaking. This transition requires us to attain the power of connection between opposites so that they can be connected and form a completely harmonious system. In spite of the polarities, in spite of the hatred and the rejection between us, we can utilize a unique force, a unique network in order to reach balance between one another and build a life.

We don’t really understand the significance of this step. We don’t understand what the source of life is and how two opposites can connect. However, it is precisely the absolute polarities between plus and minus that form the atom, a stable system in which they are opposed and yet simultaneously connect.

To continue, according to that principle, combinations are constructed that are more and more complex, possessing the ability to evolve. Plus and minus are combined between them in order to attract what is useful for development and the balance between them, and to emit what is harmful to that balance. Thus, by means of absorption and emission, life is created. There is more and more complex development, until there is a need for building a new system that the Kabbalists call the spiritual system. In other words, it is higher than the systems that are familiar to us.

Abraham discovered that there exists a universal law in nature that encompasses all systems, that maintains and develops them. It is possible to call it the power of Light, the power of the Creator, the higher power. However, it has one goal: to keep all parts of reality in harmony and mutual connection.

It is possible to attract and use this force even now, when we want to rise to the new level and become one system. Through this, we awaken the universal force, and it builds the long-awaited balance between us.

In Kabbalah, the law that Abraham discovered is called the law of equivalence of form. If I am personally attracted to the one force of equivalence of form, then to that degree, I arouse its influence on me and it builds the connection between me and other people to whom I am attracted. It builds among us a harmonious and balanced system between all of the parts.

Abraham discovered the deepest layer of that general integral law of nature that already was known and to which he called all of the Babylonians to join him.

Maimonides, the 12th century philosopher, said that Abraham wrote a multitude of books and did great dissemination work so that people would understand what he discovered and that he was speaking specifically about a law of nature that one should not oppose. That is how we evolve, without a possibility of escaping from its flow, from the natural tendency toward balance, connection, and harmony.

On the level of the still, vegetative, and animate, we reach balance spontaneously, without free choice. However, on the level of the speaking, this no longer will succeed because we need to participate consciously in building balance and a universal human system. It is up to us to understand, recognize, want to invest effort, and choose to try to organize correctly in order to advance.

So, thanks to these efforts, we arouse the only universal force of nature, which is the Creator, the Light. It doesn’t matter what you call it. In response to our efforts, it will influence us and carry out the right action of connection on us. This is what Abraham taught people.

The subsequent history is known. Some of the people heard him and realized the method for a while, but later, and in spite of it all, dropped out of the process. It is impossible to build one harmonious and balanced system if all the rest of humanity is broken. That is why we have reached the situation today where the Babylonian crisis of separation has come back upon us.

Why is it specifically today? This is because humanity, as was the case then, is discovering that it is connected in one universal system. We are closed within one system, one society, one family, on the face of the Earth, and all of us are linked to each other.

Today, we don’t need to fight. It is enough to sever connections with some nation and it will not bear this isolation. Modern weapons are the same primitive, barbaric clubs in a sophisticated form. No one needs them in a worldwide global system that is like a global village. Today, commercial, industrial, financial, and logistical connections determine everything. If you sever these arteries for a nation, it is like disconnecting some organ from the body. It is clear that it will not survive on its own.

That is also what happened in ancient Babylon in Mesopotamia, the cradle of humanity, when it became one society. The same thing is happening today as.

The Kabbalists, students of Abraham in all generations, spoke about this and even made a calculation in a timeline according to the law of human development to understand when humanity would return to the same situation. The law of unification began to be clarified at the end of the 19th century, and according to everyone, reached clarification at the end of the 20th century. More precisely, the Kabbalists wrote about this as being since the year 1995.

This is the situation today. When I began to study the wisdom of Kabbalah in 1975-76, I didn’t believe that this would really happen. However, in reality, there was a very sharp transition, and suddenly there was talk about a unified system, a unified humanity, about a global village, and absolute dependence upon one another, and so forth.

Together with this, the evil of human nature was revealed showing how much we are the opposite to each other and not ready to connect in a correct manner. After all, in spite of the oppositions between us on the level of the still, vegetative, and animate, the universal force connects us such that the polarities are transformed into a dipole that connects us and keeps us in balance and harmony.

However, on the level of the speaking, in the human connections between us, it is up to us to awaken in ourselves the influence of the universal force and to participate in the balance between plus and minus, between the two extremes. This requires specific work from us.

First of all, it is up to us to understand and recognize the situation in which we are found and to continue to invest shared efforts in order to build the right environment. In Kabbalah, these efforts are called raising MAN, meaning making a request for connection. Through this, we awaken the influence of the universal force on us that will connect us into one system and into harmony for all of human society.

This is right for the present historical moment. Today, the wisdom of Kabbalah, the science that Abraham discovered, has been opened before everyone. This is because all of us must utilize the system that has been created and begin to correctly use the conditions that have been created for building the future society. Otherwise, humanity is liable to be destroyed.

So, the Kabbalists, the people who are involved with this problem and its solution, bring to our attention the truth about our situation and our future. They tell us that, in any case, we are reaching a collective balance. However, if we don’t awaken the only force of nature that brings our unification and the right connection between us, then it will nevertheless be revealed as the only power that connects and gathers us together, but without our inclination and desire. In that case, we will need to obey this law against our will, and this will bring us to very unpleasant situations through disasters, plagues, and wars.

This is a good force, for it connects the entire system into one. However, if we oppose it, then we awaken upon ourselves the influence of opposing forces that act upon us as disasters.

The Kabbalists try to bring this knowledge to all humanity and teach humanity how to reach the right understanding of connection, awakening in us an attraction toward it, and in accord with our yearning, stimulating the discovery of the one force without arousing disasters. As a necessity, we will come closer to the correct, integral singular state and advance in the best, most pleasant and desirable way. Such an effort is what is required from us.

The most difficult problems today are being discovered in human society, even though everything good exists in the world. Scientific and technological advancement has reached its peak, but they don’t dare show some of this modern technology to humanity. Otherwise, people will not need to work and there won’t be any need to invest effort.

Essentially, we already have gone out to a new level of development, but we still are not ready to realize it because of our inadequacy. We have the tools in our hands, but we are not ready to integrate them correctly on the new level because our approach is not integral, meaning our inner structure is not integral. On the contrary, we are egoists, and our tendency is to be distant from one another and not connect in harmony.

As a result of this, we look with fear at the future state of united humanity, and we don’t know what to do with seven billion human beings who won’t be working. We don’t have any concept of another form of existence and about a different connection between us while we rise to another level of perception, to a different life and way of living.

There are a multitude of surprises hidden behind the new situation, but we still are not ready to digest them because our perception is not integral.

The main thing in the integral system is to forego the individualistic view of me against the world. Instead of this, I must acquire an integral perception and see a whole picture where all of us are connected and completing one another. Only then do I discover the future state in which humanity must exist, and then I understand and feel this life that is expected at a propitious time.

It is up to us to reach this perception, and this is what the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us.
From the Convention In Mexico “Day One” 8/1/14, Lesson 1

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The Secret Of The Ten Tribes, Part 4

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Abraham’s group, with their law of love for the other as for oneself, “went” through all the generations in Egypt. They experienced it, got out, stood around Mount Sinai, and became a nation. At the time, where was the group of Nimrod, meaning the rest of humanity, Babylon?

Answer: In the meantime, people gradually dispersed and settled. Kabbalah and the Torah do not study this because they are engaged in the spiritual elevation of man, and this is happening on the same earthly level. All this is described well in Flavius Josephus’ The Antiquities of the Jews.

Question: Let’s go back to the people of Israel, which came into its own “land,” in the egoistic layers of its own desire. How did they begin to process this egoism?

Answer: It was not easy. Firstly, they did not know how to alter it or how to begin to work on it.

They did not have Moses with them. There were no Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. And here  began a different control of the people.

Basically, it was a kingdom. All kinds of frictions arose between them that were not described in the Torah, but in the Prophets and then in the Scriptures. They chose where to build the Temple, meaning where there was a suitable place for the sum of their spiritual desires. But we are not talking about geography, simply this process described in geographical terms.

The twelve tribes began to divide the land among them. There was a condition under which the two tribes should live beyond the Jordan where today’s Jordan is located because it was supposed to be according to the plan of the common soul on earth.

In general, there is a human nature (the soul), as well as animate, vegetative, and still. All these levels are projected on top of each other, and all are built on the same parallel principle. When the human nature begins to be manifested in us, meaning similarity to the Creator, according to this spiritual move, we also change the place of residence. In general, everything changes in us, and we do not even notice how much we change. This happens instinctively, as if by itself. Thus, we begin to explore and discover how we now need to exist.

Question: Do they continue living by the principle of love for the other as for oneself?

Answer: Of course! They continue, deepening it further. This means populating and developing of the land of Israel because the land means desire. Thus, they move forward.

But the matter is not that they divide the land between themselves. In the sources it is described how every tribe settles on its land, where it should be. The borders and clear distribution between them are described. The tribes cannot be mixed with each other because the common desire, the common soul is divided into four levels according to three lines. Hence, (4 x 3) twelve parts, the twelve tribes appeared, which must fully match their purposes, from the spiritual to the earthly level, so that they are exactly and identically added to each other according to these levels and even follow each other in a parallel manner.

Question: So, the correction of the world begins here with this small area, on which the twelve tribes are “laid?”

Answer: Yes. What is interesting is that it is said that later, at the end of the days, all of humanity becomes attached to these twelve tribes (ten of which were lost but will return). Then everything becomes clear because the modern Babylon turns into one whole, and the twelve tribes appear again in order to spread throughout the earth. That is, the “land of Israel,” like La Peau de Chagrin “stretches” throughout the entire globe, not physically of course, but internally.

Thus, this is the process of the correction of the huge layers of still, vegetative, and animate and, in general, human egoism, which is already covered, fused in one whole, and spread over the entire earth in a form that is presented to us today. As a result, from a small point, a new world is formed, with a new intention, and an aspiration “straight to the Creator,” Yashar-El, Israel.
From KabTV’s “Babylon Yesterday and Today” 8/27/14

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