The Secret Of The Ten Tribes, Part 2

Dr. Michael Laitman

Question: Did the followers of Abraham succeed in building a society of justice?

Answer: In principle, they were not attracted to creating a “beautiful,” “socialist” community. They were attracted to the fact that in connection with each other, they attained the next, deeper level of nature.

Abraham told them that the crisis was intended so that they would rise to the next degree in order to reveal the inner force of nature, its meaning, its purpose and development.

In fact, he was standing just one step above them, and they too aspired to ascend there, albeit unconsciously. They did not understand how to do that, how to enter the deeper level of nature, but they had already approached the foot, the threshold, of that degree and thus could hear Abraham. And by opening the door, he told them: “This state of crisis will lead us there. That is why it is needed!”

So, they all became like one family. Isaac succeeded Abraham, Jacob succeeded Isaac. In other words, the family passed the stages of development, called “Abraham,” “Isaac,” “Jacob, “Joseph.” It was he who brought them into Egypt, having gathered all the previous, preliminary degrees and summarized their full potential—and egoism—and striving for spirituality above it. Thus, they went down to Egypt, that is, in sensing the revelation of egoism.

Question: But did they live in unity until then? Didn’t the brothers sell Joseph into slavery? Didn’t he himself foretell that they would worship him? So, there was discord, hatred, between the brothers.

Answer: Of course, and very strongly. It is because they tried to love others like themselves. If you do not aspire to that, you do not reveal the levels of egoism. When everything is smooth, you can manage well. But suddenly some cause, some obstacle, appears, and you have to strive for unity in spite of all the problems.

They arise specifically for you to rise above them, constantly striving towards greater love, greater connection, greater unity. Unity can only grow above a feeling of division.

So, the followers of Abraham gathered more and more tightly in the struggle against their egoism until Joseph brought them to Egypt.
From KabTV’s “Babylon Yesterday and Today” 8/27/14

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