A Listening Device Given By Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can a teacher feel the audience in order to understand that it has moved to a qualitatively new level so he can present difficult, serious material?

Answer: I just feel the people around me. Moreover, not only those who are sitting in the audience, but also those who are listening to me in different parts of the world.

As they say in espionage: “The enemy is listening.” How do you know he is listening? There are devices that determine that he is on your line, that he absorbs your energy.

I feel the same. It guides me when I switch from laughter to an argument, to something more serious, and then again to humor. I am in such a state as if I float in the water, and the waters fluctuations, i.e., the masses who are listening to me, move me from side to side.

This is the teacher’s essence when he feels the audience, starts to work in unison with it, and together they reach such a motion, like in the tango.
From Kab TV’s “Talk about the Integral Method,” 9/7/14

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