Four Stages Of Development In Nature, An Example

Opinion: (Yuriy Tchaikovsky, The Zigzags of Evolution): When the body is stressed, it activates the genetic search mechanism. The genetic system cuts out and stitches fragments of genes until it finds an option which produces an antibody that can bind the invading antigen. The adjustment process takes about two days. Created in this way, the antibody intensively propagates (clones itself) to fight the infection and is stored until the end of the life of the organism.

This occurs in four steps (stages):

  1. The antigen is carried right through the immune cells.
  2. There, on the other end, it is dissected and presented.
  3. Antibody variants are created, which differ from one another only by one or two elements (nucleotides). Procured antibodies are applied to the stretched out, presented antigen, and the adjustment takes place.
  4. Once a suitable option of lymphocyte is found, it gets cloned and stored in the genetic system of the body for life.

This targeted selection is done by an antigen itself. It is as if the gene is at the tailor’s shop, where it acts as a fit model to produce a new garment that is subsequently put into mass production. The result is the formation of an antibody that is completely opposite to the antigen.

The formation of an antibody may even result in the production of an artificial antigen. In this case, a new piece of genetic information is born, which has never existed in nature before.

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