We Must Not Miss The Opportunity

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam,”The Nation”: It is clear, save for relying on miracles. That our existence as individuals or as a nation is hanging between life and death. And the salvation is, if we can find the required ploy, that great scheme who’s way is only to be found near danger, and which can tilt the scale to our favor—to give us a safe haven here for all the Diaspora of our brothers, which everyone says is, at present, the only place of salvage.

Then, the road of life will be open to us, to somehow continue our existence despite the difficulties. And if we miss the opportunity and do not rise as one, with the great efforts required at a time of danger, to guarantee our remaining in the land, then the facts before us are greatly threatening for us, since matters are evolving favorably for our enemies, who are asking to destroy us from the face of the Earth.

This was written at the beginning of WWII when people had not yet seen the real danger and the Holocaust towards which they were being led.

But Baal HaSulam says that although we had reached such a terrible state that the destructor was given permission to destroy us, we can still change the ratio between the forces of good and evil if we wish to improve our situation. It is all in our hands.

Although time operates against us, we can actually succeed during this time and bring about great and rapid changes.

Instead of waiting for afflictions, troubles, and  dangers, which means for the negative effects to push us forward, we need to advance by ourselves and turn the path of our natural evolution, in its time, to the path of, I shall hasten it. Then we will be able to advance without any blows at all. It all depends on whether we wake up as a result of the blows or whether we wake up as a result of our work.

Awakening by the blows isn’t very useful since they only change and spur us on. We need to change a great deal in order to recover and advance after such blows. So wouldn’t it be better if we advanced along a smooth path? Then it would really be our awakening to the goal of creation and to a rapid escape from the blows.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/19/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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