What Does The Torah Speak About?

laitman_527_05Question: Did the events described in the Torah really take place in this world? In one of your programs you said that we have to go through the whole story of the Torah inside ourselves.

Answer: Of course, all the words in the Torah took place in this world because every upper spiritual root has to develop and eventually touch its material branch.

This is why we went through the entire process in this world: Adam HaRishon and all further generations up to Abraham, and further on through our forefathers Isaac and Jacob, Jacob’s sons, then lowering to Egypt, Moshe, Aaron, the standing at the Mount Sinai, the entrance to the land of Israel, conquering the land of Israel, the destruction of the First and the Second Temples, etc.

Anything we have been through in this world is only one side of the picture. The most important thing is our current state and what events described in the Torah we still have to go through.

The Torah is not about historic events; rather, it is about what we are supposed to correct after Adam HaRishon’s sin. As a result of our correction, we will attain the spiritual world that is eternal and endless; it is here and now, as soon as we agree to go through the process of correction, as is written: “You shall see your world during your lifetime.”
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 6/21/15

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