The Level Of Those Who Repent

Laitman_509The Torah, “Numbers” 9:14: If a proselyte dwells with you, and he makes a Passover sacrifice to the Lord, according to the statutes of the Passover sacrifice and its ordinances he shall make it. One statute shall apply to you, to the proselyte and to the native-born citizen.

A proselyte refers to the desire that can be added to the desires that already have been corrected. When you choose a desire from the egoistic desires called the nations of the world that can be added to the attribute of bestowal called Israel (from the words, Yashar El, straight to God), it no longer is considered a proselyte.

It is the same law for everyone. Therefore, it says that even complete righteous cannot stand in the place where those who repent stand.

It is because a person who repents and returns to the Creator brings with him the greatest ego as he corrects the increasingly more internal egoistic parts, which leads to an ascent that the righteous, the pioneers, cannot bring about. This is how the spiritual system works.

This means that the nations of the world that join Israel don’t simply ascend to that level but actually ascend higher than that since they bring such egoistic attributes with them that do not exist in Israel.

Therefore, it is said, “There is wisdom among the nations, believe it…,” which means that, during the correction of the strongest egoistic desires, they ascend higher than all the others.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/4/15

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